Carn Brae castle

Saint Day, Redruth, Truro, Carn Brae, Carn Marth

HFF! Cornish hedge on the northern slopes of Carn…

28 May 2011 53 78 805
I know it's VERY early (I will be away for a couple of days) and also it's not exactly a fence, but it will have to do! Stone field borders are called hedges in Cornwall.

HFF everyone!!

14 Aug 2011 36 52 354
View from Carn Marth to Carrick Roads (Falmouth Docks just about visible), Cornwall. Yes, there is a fence in there!

Lane on Carn Marth, Cornwall.

28 Aug 2011 11 16 347
Granite wall invisible under the vegetation! No need to ask which way the wind blows!


02 Sep 2011 53 78 968
My Mother's garden, St Day, Cornwall. I know it's a bit early but I'm not sure if I will be around to post it for Happy Fence Friday tomorrow!

HFF! Carn Marth, Cornwall - view towards Carharra…

02 Sep 2011 33 46 498
Not the happiest HFF but who knows? Maybe a gate will open onto sunnier places and times!!

HFF, everyone!

07 Sep 2011 23 44 355
St Aubyn tin mine. Trefula, near Redruth, Cornwall

Penandrea mine chimney, Redruth, Cornwall.

07 Sep 2011 26 27 304
A tin mine slap bang in the middle of town! Now its chimney is a pleasing feature and landmark but this would have been Hell on Earth in about 1840! A mine in operation for copper and tin from the early 18th century and possibly much earlier until it was shut down in 1891.

Roof and chimney from my bedroom window, Saint Day…

08 Jul 2012 19 21 273
Saint Day, Cornwall. Sadly, I stay here all too infrequently!

Happy Fence Friday, ipernity survivors and perseve…

08 Jul 2012 60 106 868
Pasiflora. My Mum's garden again! Despite some sour and peevish comments many of us received from an unexpected source (unexpected to me anyway!), let's make this terrific site flourish!! 'Surely it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness!'

HFF everyone!

09 Jul 2012 33 52 336
My mum's garden again!

HFF!!! Rhodochiton in my mother's garden

18 Jul 2012 73 124 1250
Garden in St Day, Cornwall

Happy Fence Friday!

18 Jul 2012 74 90 865
Rhodochriton (sometimes called Purple Bell Vine). A climber originally from Southern Mexico and Guatamala. It is very happy in Cornwall! Garden in Saint Day, Cornwall


21 Jul 2012 44 62 731
Happy Fence Friday!! From the Eastern slopes of Carn Marth looking south in the direction of Penryn and Falmouth, Cornwall

HFF, everyone!

01 Aug 2012 34 49 400
My mother's garden. Pasiflora and the Primitive Methodist chapel next door (long since disused). The passion flower and fence screen the outside loo (sorry, you euphemism lovers on the other side of the pond, 'rest room'). It's OK, they also have two inside loos but 50 years ago this certainly was the only loo!

Lane in Cornwall

06 Aug 2012 23 36 255
Lane between Carharrack and Saint Day


12 Aug 2012 31 45 582
My Mother's garden has fences. A good source for HFF photos! Photo taken in August 2012, the exif is wrong!

HFF, everyone! Happy horse browsing among the blac…

19 Aug 2012 47 65 631
The town of Saint Day is on the skyline. My parents live here. This is a tranquil scene. But in the middle decades of the nineteenth century, this would have been hell on earth. It was the mining capital of the world for tin, copper, and arsenic.

River wall, Truro

24 Aug 2012 17 21 264
I just liked the mix of colours, shapes and textures.

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