Venerable oak by the Roman road

Favourite trees

Venerable oak by the Roman road

03 Apr 2013 20 24 281
Throwing an impressive shadow! In the distance are the highest peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama including Penalara, La Maliciosa and Bola del Mundo.

Las Machotas from Peralejo

12 Mar 2012 37 32 437
The three hills (seen here as one) comprise La Machota Chica, La Machota Alta and El Fraille. They give great views over San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the enormous palace-monastery built by Felipe II.,

Pomegranate tree

15 May 2016 16 24 297
Parque del Capricho, Madrid

Oak and old farm building and walls

02 Oct 2015 19 22 349
By the side of the Roman Road near Zarzalejo and El Escorial.

El Pico de La Miel framed by juniper

13 Sep 2012 23 32 391
La Sierra de La Cabrera. granite and juniper.

El Escorial from the Herreria Woods

05 Nov 2015 42 45 447
Autumn view from the woods to the iconic palace / monastery. The mountain of Abantos behind.

Casa de Campo

15 Jun 2016 9 9 216
A large park to the west of the city centre (formerly a royal hunting park) and from here overlooking Madrid's northern business areas

Iconic tree

15 Apr 2012 26 30 323
This tree is visible from miles around. La Sierra de La Cabrera and the Valley of Bustarviejo. A wintry April day.

El Pardo. No turning round for the camera!

25 Apr 2013 28 40 358
Those of you 'in the know' will remember that she simply will not tolerate a frontal photo (for no reason that I can see!) The park of El Pardo, northwest of Madrid.

Lone tree

08 Apr 2014 25 31 270
Sierra de La Cabrera, view over the Lozoya Valley.

Holm oak / encina

15 May 2011 23 17 251
A favourite tree. Good to eat my packed lunch here in its shade. Sierra de La Cabrera, Cero de La Cabeza

Puerto del Medio Celemin RELOAD!

14 Jan 2012 41 37 471
I DELETED MY UPLOAD of this shot of a couple of days ago by mistake. So I have posted it again. Sorry!!! It was fairly popular and many of you made nice comments and awarded yellow stars (it was also on Explore) :o( If you would be kind enough to repeat your kind comments, I would be very grateful! Thank you!!!!

El Pardo - with encinas (holm oaks), common and mu…

11 May 2013 17 19 400
A large natural park to the northwest of Madrid, home of a major royal palace.

Heroic oak

22 Apr 2012 22 24 254
An oak tree thriving in a crack in the cliff face of El Cancho Largo. La Sierra de La Cabrera. And no, micritter; this wasn't my route up the cliff! Nonetheless this route is perfectly 'do-able' without ropes but only with a good head for heights!

Lane on Carn Marth, Cornwall.

28 Aug 2011 11 16 345
Granite wall invisible under the vegetation! No need to ask which way the wind blows!

Lane in Cornwall

06 Aug 2012 23 36 255
Lane between Carharrack and Saint Day

Autumn shot

05 Nov 2015 54 56 501
Pyrennean Oak, Autumn, El Escorial.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

05 Nov 2015 47 49 451
The famous palace-monastery, seen from the Herreria Woods (mainly holm and Pyrenean oak), with smoke from an autumnal bonfire (appropriate for November 5!) and the slopes of Abantos behind. There is actually quite a substantial town there, more or less hidden by the bulk of this enormous edifice! When Felipe II had it constructed, it must have been the largest building in Europe at that time. He needed a big place to run his Empire from and for hundreds of monks to pray for and with him! Best viewed on max enlargement.

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