Zennor Hill from Zennor Head

Zennor, Towednack and Morvah parishes

Zennor Hill from Zennor Head

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The beautiful Parish of Zennor, West Penwith, Cornwall

From Zennor Head to Gurnard's Head, Cornwall

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A rugged but fun stretch of the South West Peninsula Coast Path. You geographers among you will immediately observe the raised coastal platform!

Bosigran Head and the Carn Galva Tin Mine Count Ho…

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The Count House served as the Stannary Office for the tin mines of the area, not just this mine. All questions of tin quality, payments, licenses to mine, etc were dealt with here.

Carn Galva.

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Raised coastal platform from the summit of Carn Galva (Carn Galver on OS maps and Google). The Cornish coast and Rosemergy Farm, Morvah Parish. As I have mentioned a couple of times before, those distant stone walls are thought to be some of the oldest continuously used stone structures (still used for their original purpose) anywhere in the world. (Possibly 7-8,000 years old).

Gurnard's Head, Treen, Zennor, Cornwall

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Named after the fish which it does vaguely resemble from afar. There is still-visible evidence of a neolithic village on the grassy slopes near the neck of the isthmus.

H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

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Bosigran, Cornwall

Towednack Parish Church, Cornwall

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From Zennor Head to Gurnard's Head

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Cornish cliff top scenery!


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Commando Ridge from Bosigran main cliff, Zennor, Cornwall. Commando Ridge is not the little island seen below but the steep and rocky ridge rising right-to-left in mid-distance (only the lower line is shown here). A famous climb and first made popular by the Abraham Brothers (and sister - the first ascent was by one brother and the sister) in Victorian times. It got its current name during WWII when it was chosen as a major Commando training ground.

Cornish farm building

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Probably only used for storage now. There is a modern farmhouse (60s I would think) next door where the farmer and family live. This is the closest farm to the ancient sites of Chun Quoit and Chun Castle, and where you park your car before trudging uphill. There used to be an 'honesty box', in the car park for suggested token car park fees but that was stolen years ago!

Treen Farm, Gurnard's Head, Zennor

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Foxgloves seem to love granite. They follow me wherever I go!

Bosigran Head, granite.

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Cornish cliff granite can be as fun as the granite I find in La Sierra de Guadarrama, Central Spain, for scrambling around in!

Gurnard's Head (full screen please)

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Named for it's resemblance to the head of a gurnard, a tasty red fish caught around here. Its only drawback is its very spiny and bony nature, but the taste almost compensates! The main slab of cliff face (black, centre-right) houses the famous climb 'Right Angle'. You traverse to it across the lower rocks (mid-centre) and ascend the steep crack. Yes. I did it once (1978). A terrific mid grade climb! It was a very enjoyable climb, so much so that, more than any other climb from those years, I can remember almost every move!

Granite and lichen

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Gurnard's Head, Cornwall

Zennor Parish

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View from Treen, near Gurnard's Head, to Zennor Head. Zennor Hill on the horizon. Best enlarged.

South West Peninsula Coast Path near Zennor Head

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Granite wall and stile.

H. A. N. W. E. everyone! View from Carn Galva

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Granite and coastal platform. Bosigran and Rosemergy Farm. Cornwall - West Penwith typicity. Below is Carn Galver engine house. Tin was mined here between approx 1850 and 70. Rather late - Cornish tin was already being out-competed on price from East Asia. It was the end of Cornish tin mining to any meaningful extent. Also, the stone walls seen mid-distance here ('fences' in Cornish dialect) are thought to be the oldest extant man-made stone constructions - still used for their original purpose - of any in the world, at up to 8,000 years old.

View from Bosigran Head to Gurnard's Head, Zennor,…

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Pure granite coastline. Gurnard; a fish - and very tasty too, In French: triglidae, In Spanish, rubio. sounds wrong, Word Reference often is! The far headland is supposed to resemble the strange angular shape of the head of a gurnard.

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