'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worrying sight!

Unusual or different

No idea. Anyone know what this is?

22 Jul 2020 24 30 112
In the public gardens of Nuevos Ministerios. Near the Ministry of Transport and Public Works. There must be a clue in that! After several comments ... Now I see it! It must have been used to break up old road surfaces prior to the laying of new roads. So anywhere between about 1920 and perhaps 1960. Hard to tell!

HFF Everyone!

23 Jul 2020 38 46 148
I don't know what this is. All I know is that it is in the grounds of the Isabel II water company.

The heavy gear gets to work on the Estadio Santiag…

07 Aug 2020 38 38 115
The old-look (and iconic) stadium will soon take on a completely different appearance.

Parque de Santander, Madrid. Swans! ;o)

02 Aug 2020 49 35 148
My local park, and they change the volume, force and aspect of these water fountains every few hours. At this juncture, they look very swan-like! Also, the pink paving slabs; granite, so typical of the Mountains of Madrid nearby, fit in well in these settings.

Another 'thingy'!

19 Aug 2020 34 40 109
A hydraulic turbine of some kind, I presume. In the Jardín Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid. José Gafarot has helpfully provided the answer below.

Foggy day throughout the centre of Spain that day.

10 Dec 2011 46 34 107
I set out on the bus from Madrid in thick fog. I started my walk thinking I had a one in ten chance of emerging through the mirk! So was overjoyed when I did!

Faro de Moncloa and Museo de America, Madrid

06 Sep 2020 36 30 100
Not sure what the purpose of the lighthouse is but there is (or maybe was - thanks to Covid 19 and acess only by lift) a restaurant up there. On the ground are two of the few remaining sections of track from the old tramway system.

Ephemeral shadow wearing real shoes?

10 Sep 2020 25 34 85
Accident of course! This ghostly shadow seems to prefer real shoes!

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