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Pico de La Miel

26 May 2012 49 45 177
Holm oaks and granite. La Sierra de La Cabrera.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

21 Jun 2011 55 38 146
The eastern end, including El Pico de La Miel (Honey Peak) which isn't the highest point on the ridge but is the most famous as it rises directly above the Madrid Burgos motorway. It's possible to scramble and rock-hop more or less along the entire ridge.

15 (with catflap). H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

14 Sep 2013 62 61 686
Old door and window. Maderuelo, Segovia Province. Night shot.

HFF, Everyone!

22 Apr 2021 48 57 158
Algete Church on yet another very dull day. Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion. One day I might even go in and have a look round.

Rose in the rain

21 Apr 2021 44 32 124
I think this could be rosa Pullman Orient Express 2007, but there are lots that are similar. A very stormy day again with low light levels.

This evening

20 Apr 2021 78 74 190
Wisteria in the evening light. Viewed from the front of the house.

Dawn today

19 Apr 2021 56 46 144
Viewed from the back of the house. My sister's shot. I was still in the Land of Nod!

Garden rose ('Alfred Sisley')

17 Apr 2021 43 39 124
The first garden rose of many. Project 21, April: flowers. Best on large I think.

The path down to Valdemanco

14 Oct 2011 46 39 135
From the slopes of Mondalindo, overlooking the village of Valdemanco, to the slopes of the Sierra de La Cabrera. It hadn't rained for almost a year and the country was as parched as it looks here!

Porthcadjack (H. A. N. W. E. everyone)

22 Jul 2012 76 74 387
Photo of Porthcadjack from the other side of the cove taken on the same day (see entry 3 uploads ago . Samphire and Asparagus Islands, Carvannel Downs. In the distance; North Cliffs, Hell's Mouth, Reskajeage and Godrevy. A millpond of an ocean! Many thanks to you all for your great comments and your yellow stars - much appreciated


12 Apr 2021 43 59 138
I DO WISH THE DELETE BUTTON WAS FAR AWAY FORM THE EDIT BUTTON. APOLOGIES TO ALL THOSE WHO ADDED VERY INTERESTING COMMENTS. :o(( OK; again ... I passed this way half an hour later and the whole lot had been strimmed. The council do this every year, apparently as it is a 'fire risk'. Why they can't wait until after the colourful spring wildflower display completely beats me! TONIGHT I WILL SHOW THE AFTER EFFECT. THOSE OF A SENSITIVE DISPOSITION SHOULD WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW BY WHICH TIME I WILL HAVE DELETED IT (deliberately this time!).

Gnarled olive tree.

14 Apr 2021 52 63 137
Another old olive tree in a local park.

Porthcadjack Cove, Cornwall north coast, heather a…

22 Jul 2012 124 165 1469
South West Peninsula coast Path between Basset Cove and Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath, Cornwall. For Pam. Full screen best, I think. I simply felt like showing it again. It cheers me up! Hope it does the same for you. An addition to Project 21, April: Flowers.

The back of the sports centre needs a lick of pain…

10 Apr 2021 28 30 104
Algete. A mix of municipal buildings, municipal plantings and private flats on the hillside.

Dawn, one Christmas

26 Dec 2019 56 53 139
Taken on Boxing Day morning a year or so ago. A lovely scene to wake up to. And I wouldn't have guessed at the time that a year later I would be living here!

French tamarisk. (best on large)

10 Apr 2021 49 55 126
Here is the Wikipedia entry for the tree that I couldn't name before... Sorry, I tried to translate it into English but it wouldn't let me! I hope you can translate it into your language. If not, let me know and I'll try again. Here is a link in English, kindly provided by Sami

H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Cornish cliffs from Tubby…

01 Aug 2017 51 42 343
I fancied showing this again seeing as I have absolutely no more new Cornwall photos to upload! Photo taken and first posted in 2017. Better on full screen.

HFF everyone!

05 Apr 2021 43 77 139
A tree that appealed to me but my phone couldn't identify it. Any ideas? ANSWER: IT'S THE FRENCH TAMARYSK. Sorry, I can't translate it into English. Hope you can translate it into your own language. Parque de Eva Blanco, Algete. The colourful fence is standard for children's play areas everywhere in Spain.

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