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Standing stones

Mên-an-tol (for Pam).

Mên-an-tol (for Pam). 

Mên-an-tol; simply Cornish for holed stone.
A mysterious monument. The experts have no idea what this was for. All they know is that the allignment of the stones has been altered in fairly recent history. The stones were originally in a triangle formation, again no one knows why, nor why they were re-positioned at some point in the past 300 years.
More recently, babies have been passed through the hole for good luck and "...the ritual of crawling through the hole nine times widdershins was said to cure rickets and scrofula" - Craig Weatherhill in 'Belerion, Ancient Sites of Land's End'.

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Peter_Private_Box club
Hi Andy

Nice pic, but do we know what secrets are held here? Does the sun align with the stones midsummer?? Or the shadow of the big pillar go through the hole to signify some pagan fertility festival..MMM?

Best Wishes
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Peter_Private_Box club
Hi Peter,
Not sure if you read my notes beneath the shot.
I don't think I can do any more. This isn't the place to go into all the theories. It is a photo sharing website after all and we don't have the space for this here. But, as I mentioned in my notes, I have given some idea of the fact that NOTHING is known. There is more but short of quoting from a whole chapter I can only refer you back to Craig Weatherhill's excellent book, widely available.
Best wishes,
16 months ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
Thank you, Andreas!
16 months ago.
ColRam club
Je crois que la pierre ronde servait d'ancre pour des bateaux ! L'ancre était dimensionnée à la taille du bateau.
Il me semble que le national geographic avait fait un documentaire la dessus.
Maintenant je peux me tromper, Ils ont ont retrouvé dans les océans dans des ports très anciens qui ont été abandonnés
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to ColRam club
Your boat theory made me laugh, Ramon!
16 months ago.
Ruth club
Thank you for posting your wonderful image to
Interesting Views
16 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Exceptional shot!

Admired in:
16 months ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Oh this is fascinating Andy - it would be nice to find out why they were positioned like that and why that one stone has a perfect circle cut out. I guess I'm going to have to find Craig Weatherhill's book.
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Jenny McIntyre club
I'm going to have to ask Craig for a share of royalties at this rate!
16 months ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club
OH IF...
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Pam J club
16 months ago.
 Eric Desjours
Eric Desjours club
Only one possible explanation and origin: aliens!
Lovely site and shot, Andy.
Have a nice week.
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Eric Desjours club
Eric, you may be right.
16 months ago.
 Eunice Perkins
Eunice Perkins club
Fascinating to see a site with so much history and mystery.
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Eunice Perkins club
Thank you, Eunice!
16 months ago.
Hoping to go there next time Andy
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Pat29
Only one stile to contend with ...
16 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
We'll never know why................and that's part of what makes this sort of thing so fascinating!

I do know that they're very photogenic.................nicely taken Andy!
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to Keith Burton club
THank you, Keith!
16 months ago.
tiabunna club
This looks very interesting indeed and well worth a visit, Andy. I'll take a guess that the ancient residents of the area invented croquet. :-)
16 months ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to tiabunna club
I can't remember if I added this to my suggestions for your visit, George. Probably not as I was very aware of your restricted time-frame!
16 months ago.
Isisbridge club
I've heard this is for curing the backache. You have to crawl through a certain number of times against the sun. I did try it once and had backache afterwards. So maybe I did it in the wrong direction.
7 months ago.

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