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Meatballs, tomatoes and onions

31 Jul 2022 3
OSL Lounge, Oslo Airport Unfortunately, this airport lounge only has a limited range of food, which essentially consists of a small buffet from which you can take various items.


28 May 2022 3
Panoramic view with Munch Museum and DFDS ferry


28 Jul 2022 1 7
The gray building in the foreground is the new building of the Munch Museum. The opera house is obscured from this perspective. In the background you can see the Holmenkollen with the famous ski jump.

Passenger ships

28 Jul 2022 1 6
Front to back: DFDS, Aida, Color Line


28 May 2022 2 19
Oslo Opera House


Aker Brygge


29 May 2022 1 16
Dronning Eufemias gate / View from Oslo Opera House



Motel One Amsterdam reloaded #2

Motel One Amsterdam reloaded #1

03 Jun 2022 2 11
The next stay in Amsterdam brought me back to the Motel One Amsterdam. This time on the way from Bremen via Amsterdam to Stockholm. Surprisingly, there was no disruption on the return flight.

Corendon Village Hotel #4

30 May 2022 2 13
Then a beer in the bar.

Corendon Village Hotel #3

30 May 2022 1 16
Buffet dinner.

Corendon Village Hotel #2

30 May 2022 2 10
I had an apartment. That's nice for the few hours in the transfer, but somehow it doesn't do anything.

Corendon Village Hotel #1

30 May 2022 1 12
Another night in Amsterdam, this time at the Corendon Village Hotel on the way from Oslo to Bremen via Amsterdam. It is actually quite close to the airport, but can only be reached by transfer. The freestanding bed in the room is interesting here.

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