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  • Feinkost Ellert

  • blaue Qualle

  • Obidos-4

  • Gestern war ich im Kino ...

    Nein, nicht in diesem, hier gibt's leider nichts mehr zu sehen. Aber wer "Gone Girl" gelesen hat, kann sich auf den Film freuen: Der ist genau so gut wie das Buch - und ziemlich lang!

  • The NWS forecast and a typical Southerner's point of view.

    I guess I should specify that I don't share the opinions I've expressed in the photo. I exaggerated (but not much) to make a point. If you travel in my area in the wintertime, or if you grew up living here, you probably understand the point I'm trying t…

  • Old advertisement for a movie theater (Reeperbahn, Hamburg St. Pauli)

    Old wall - painting. Reeperbahn close to "Spielbudenplatz". "50 Jahren führendes Filmtheater" (50 years the leading movie theater). There seemed to be a "Seit" (Since) missing at the top. I don´t know which movie theater it was. According to www.djibnet.…

  • K. Lauer

    Anek Doten hört sich ausländisch an. Gefällt mir trotzdem - sagt B. Scheuert.

  • 15/100 Matthew

    I spotted Matthew while at the Eugene, Oregon Saturday Market. He was relaxing with a couple of other people and a their dogs sipping on a beer enjoying the spring sunshine. I was there with a photo group and mostly interested in getting candid shots, b…

  • Aaron

    Blue Steel pose. Took a portrait lesson today with a friend who's a professional portrait photographer. My son was the model :) Learned a ton about portrait photos.

  • Strings, Wood, and Smile

  • Trainspotting

    (the healthy kind)

  • Leave him here!

  • et le sourire de la fin...

    ...de la série : "friends"

  • Fächer

    By Arne

  • Fife player

    Reliving frontier days with more or less authenticity :-)

  • Fashioning a spearhead

    Reliving frontier days with more or less authenticity :-)

  • Carrying water

    Reliving frontier days with more or less authenticity :-)

  • Announcing: New Baby is here! This photo taken just before "The Big Event" (IMG_4443.jpeg)

    Last photo of Kristin and Kolton together before they were officially joined by the newest member of the family. Concerning the newest member... he's been hanging around for the last nine months, kicking, moving, sucking his thumb, and making it a little…

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