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Hello !

It has been a tough time, lately, for the Pillsbury Doughboy Batman; his BFF told him that he smelled quote 'deeply unpleasant' and his confidence is at an all time low. He has been unable to leave the BatCave since and has been eating crawling things. In his journey to recovery he has been reciting confidence building 'mantras' and is now ready to venture forth to the shops to buy crisps.

"Scowly expression ?" he demands.
"Check !" confirms stand-in Boy Wonder Troll clown.
"Lantern jaw at correct manly angle..."
"Check !"
"Ear pieces alert and upright..."
"Check and Ready To Go !"

Of course, as a Troll, the stand-in Boy Wonder clown cannot be anything other than brutally honest and I have chosen him for his unusually sensitive olfaction.

"Smell ... ?" says the Batman, hesitantly.
"Very bad..." says the Troll, regretfully. "Very powerful odour of bat-jobbies..."
"Oh, no !" cries the Batman. "It's true, then, that Batmans smell ?"
"No, no..only you..."

"And I was so looking forward to those crisps..."

This is a set-back but we shall work on it, to save the Pillsbury Doughboy Batman from himself.

Walk Tall !