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  • Thatch Cottage in Winter Sun

    Cockington, Devon. SONY SLT-A65V and SIGM 18 200 Lens. © copyright , All rights reserved, Image may not be used without my explicit written permission

  • Höher geht es nicht

  • IMG 0988 {Explore}

  • IMG 7396 {Explore}

  • IMG 7307 {Explore}

  • At warsaw...................{Explore}

  • Looking out at the temple pool

    Tampaksiring, Bali

  • bRUJOdJ Dance Music Culture 1500px

  • http://www.ipernity.com/doc/brujo2/41105 844

  • the_stern

    shipwreck Ambassador - Strait of Magellan

  • Dubrovnik.

    By Ch'an

  • water soluble

    can we camp here? sure why not? well, it's a long way down to the water. is that a problem? no, it's getting back up that's the problem. you could always call a cab. you think? not really.
    By honeyj

  • born to raise hell

    get in. it's time to hit the road. where are we going? as far away from here as possible. yeah? yeah. and if we find trouble, so much the better. I hear that.
    By honeyj

  • Costa Cantabrica y Picos de Europa

    El parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa, que abarca 64.660ha, forma el espacio protegido de mayor extensión de toda España. Consta principalmente de tres grandes macizos montañosos que abarcan tres comunidades autónomas; Asturias, Cantabria y Castilla-L…

  • Waves

    EXPLORE 31/05/2015

  • Storm

    A sample of the storm suffered last day June 14

  • Costa quebrada

    Posiblemente este lugar sea uno de los más fotografiados de Cantabria, España One of the most photographed places in Cantabria, Spain ON EXPLORE 14/09/2015

  • The door

    ON EXPLORE 07/09/2015

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