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  • 50

    BT Tower, now in its 50th birthday year. Shame they removed the iconic microwave horn antennas, for me rather spoils the look. alternative render here (NTSC: low key)

  • aloe

    Taken for 'The Sunday Challenge': "abstract nature"

  • 'harbour lights'

    Taken for the Sunday Challenge": "Elvis Presley Songs" Harbour Lights

  • bracelet bay

    ++ click image for 'better bigger on black' ++ The Mumbles lighthouse on a stormy January evening.

  • Art-Indulgence - Staedel Museum Frankfurt

    TSC, Jan. 24th, 2016 - Indulgence I pondered over this challenge for a while and came to the conclusion: No Food. Instead the new facilities for contemporary art in Frankfurt's Staedel Museum came to my mind, which is for me due to it's brilliant archite…
    By LutzP

  • 6 & 708

    6 & 708 months old :)

  • I was drivin' home for Christmas

    The Sunday Challenge = How about we do some Christmas stuff, not necessarily your tree... but just what you want. Very open to anything really. You could challenge yourself building in a previous challenge, like low light, (for me dreaded) light bokeh, h…

  • Night and day

    The sunday challenge = Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to make a diptych. Show 2 aspects of something. ------------------------------ My diptych may or may not match expectations. In fact it is a mirrored half, made negative, two aspect…

  • TSC - Shadows only

    The sunday challenge = So keep your eyes open we will do SHADOWS ONLY .. start looking (and getting) your shot! Well here we go, this is happening! ---------------------------------------- ----- Very seldom seen, this combination of fog, rays of light and…

  • Dishu

    En noir

  • la vie étoilée

  • millesime2 (portraiture)

    Millésime, rappeur de la scène havraise

  • Poissarino

    cette série a été réalisé pendant le tournage du clip du morceau "Symphonie des blocks"- Millesime feat poissarino sur une prod de zoum

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