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  • I was drivin' home for Christmas

    The Sunday Challenge = How about we do some Christmas stuff, not necessarily your tree... but just what you want. Very open to anything really. You could challenge yourself building in a previous challenge, like low light, (for me dreaded) light bokeh, h…

  • Night and day

    The sunday challenge = Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to make a diptych. Show 2 aspects of something. ------------------------------ My diptych may or may not match expectations. In fact it is a mirrored half, made negative, two aspect…

  • TSC - Shadows only

    The sunday challenge = So keep your eyes open we will do SHADOWS ONLY .. start looking (and getting) your shot! Well here we go, this is happening! ---------------------------------------- ----- Very seldom seen, this combination of fog, rays of light and…

  • Dishu

    En noir

  • la vie étoilée

  • millesime2 (portraiture)

    Millésime, rappeur de la scène havraise

  • Poissarino

    cette série a été réalisé pendant le tournage du clip du morceau "Symphonie des blocks"- Millesime feat poissarino sur une prod de zoum

  • Morgan aero 8 01

    La Morgan Aero 8 est une voiture de sport construite par Morgan Motor à Malvern dans le Worcestershire en Angleterre. Elle est à l'origine de la renaissance de la marque Caractéristiques L'Aero 8 est étonnante pour plusieurs raisons, principalement par…

  • mouche macro



    It's easy to lose us, raggedy children. Your hands forget they held our hands, your laps forget we sat on them. You let our smell go sour. Bad children, there isn't enough for us. Where do we belong? A bird sings in the imagined house. Tap, tap, let us…

  • ... surgi de nulle part...!


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