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  • millesime2 (portraiture)

    Millésime, rappeur de la scène havraise

  • Poissarino

    cette série a été réalisé pendant le tournage du clip du morceau "Symphonie des blocks"- Millesime feat poissarino sur une prod de zoum

  • Morgan aero 8 01

    La Morgan Aero 8 est une voiture de sport construite par Morgan Motor à Malvern dans le Worcestershire en Angleterre. Elle est à l'origine de la renaissance de la marque Caractéristiques L'Aero 8 est étonnante pour plusieurs raisons, principalement par…

  • mouche macro



    It's easy to lose us, raggedy children. Your hands forget they held our hands, your laps forget we sat on them. You let our smell go sour. Bad children, there isn't enough for us. Where do we belong? A bird sings in the imagined house. Tap, tap, let us…

  • ... surgi de nulle part...!


  • After all the death walks around disguised of night waiting for the day when the night comes forever

    by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS QUE AS MARÉS APAGAM", Edição Escola de Mar, 2014 (photo taken from Internet) (1st edition, 2014; 2nd edition, 2017)

  • thirst

    how are we getting there? we'll take the canoe. across the lake? it's not that far. will you paddle? sure. ok, hand me my pillow? and my drink, thanks. my pleasure, beautiful.

  • L'elisir d'amore

    www.manueldediego.es .

  • Celebration of Light - China

    This past Saturday was the start of the annual Honda Celebration of Light at English Bay Vancouver. China is the first of three countries in the event with Brazil this Wed. and Canada Saturday Aug 1st.

  • Canada - Celebration of Light

    This shot is from Capitol Hill in North Burnaby. Aug 2 was the last of the Honda Celebration of Light. Canada won this competition against China and Brazil.

  • Moon Rise

    The full moon rising over Burnaby Mountain. Taken from my back deck.

  • Ayamonte, contemplación

    By Xata

  • graphisme chic

    graphisme chic 1

  • venu des ténèbres

  • Sun

    By Gere55

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