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  • Mask of Celuluk

    My Balinese friend Anom showing me the mask of Celeluk which was created by the great master I Made Tonggu in Gianyar. A Celeluk is an assistant to Rangda, the witch and the demon queen of the leyaks in Bali, according to traditional Balinese mythology. T…

  • Worshippers on the Pandawa Beach

    The Balinese call their religion Agama Tirta ("Science of the Holy Water"), an interpretation of religious ideas from China, India, and Java. Agama Tirta is much closer to the earth and more animist than Indian Hinduism. Fire, water, and flowers are the…

  • transient in Durgiana mandir

    Portrait of an old woman at the Durgiana mandir (temple) in Amritsar Punjab India.

  • House on the lake

  • Fairy Kisses.

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  • bRUJOdJ - Reborn (Classics Reloaded Vol.2) Cover Green

  • night_train

    abandoned Russfin gold mine
    By Berny


    After this end you have the Praia do Norte and its monster waves sometimes more than 25 meters high . . .

  • Floor

    Time for something cute . . .

  • pastoer geht hevisch~ Pastor goes home

    'sLievevrouwekirk Mestreech

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