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  • Apsara Dance

  • Il est temps!

    By Latha

  • Lumiere du temps

    By Latha

  • Evening scene near Blue Bay

    Blue Bay,Mauritius

  • Photo de Malik

    Du coté de Marrakech ....Voir/See Notes. Bonne et agréable semaine.

  • Detail of San Ignacio Mini ruins, Argentina

    Jesuit mission built in the 17th century. See link for details - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Ignacio_Min%C3 %AD

  • Hindu Sadhu in Varanasi

    Street portrait of a hindu sadhu at the bathing ghats of Varanasi.....I waited & watched for 15 minutes for him to complete his ablution, grooming & prayers before I asked him for his portrait.

  • ford mustang dilemma ( V.S)

    lyon 0413...une légende de l automobile déstructurée à souhait par victor schonbrotz ( voir ma galerie ici ) ......" la symbiose du mythe Bulitien fondu et destructuré dans un mood refléctionatoire et totalement incontrolable !" Terry Michael NYC art maga…

  • Ni Kadek Mayang Sari

    This photo is posted out of my normal sets. Its captured with a cheap and simple Chinese smartphone camera. The result of the colors were not acceptable and unbearable. Bat after converting in b/w the result is like nostalgic. Its capture during a Galung…

  • DSC7626

    qlqs pics d'ahaggar.

  • Divendres Sant

    Holy Friday Sculpture by Ramon Amadeu i Grau, early nineteenth century. Church "Sant Esteve d'Olot", Catalonia.

  • lonesome white boat

    By Berny


    els arcs


    De xarrera..


  • early morning on the market

    By Berny

  • Jour naissant

    en octobre

  • Waves

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