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  • jekerjazz

    Maastricht in a Jazzy mood, Mestreech in a Jazzy stumming . . .

  • Dancer in Helmond

    Sun is shining, warm weather, a dancer and Helmond becomes Indonesia, only just for a moment, but what a moment . . .

  • Cadillac in the street

    Big car in a small street, nicely parked . . .

  • pijl ~ arrow

    Irian Jaya

  • Proof of Love II

    Scrapes and Scars to prove it, Sean pushes his hard-earned skills at competition. Sports park, September, 2015 (Please view in Lightbox or in larger sizes for best effect.)

  • Holidays..

    By Magot

  • mere_fear

    cause I forgot my umbrella ;-)
    By Berny

  • Tunisia.Amphitheatre-of-El-Djem

    The Roman amphitheater of El Jem can hosts roughly up to 35.000 persons. Q bit smaller than the one in Rome but much more preserved. Still used in our days for an international symphonique music festival

  • utique

    Utique ( antique UTICA ) is about 40 Km from Tunis. A view of Roman villas and a temple.

  • Tunisia. Bardo Museum

    A baptismal found in Kelibia ( the antic Klupea ) located in the Cap Bon

  • Quercus ilex - Azinheiras

    Nikkor AF S 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 G II ED
    By Xata

  • 20010114-0222ac Mandalay Royal Palace Bastion

    Mandalay was founded in 1857 as the new royal capital by King Mindon and quickly became Myanmar's spiritual centre; There is a huge concentration of pagodas and monasteries in Mandalay itself and in the neighbouring towns of Amarapura, Ava, Sagaing and Mi…

  • 20010114-0235ac Awesome Sculpted Roofs in Precious Teak

    Myanmar Burma Mandalay Shwenandaw Kyaung Temple (mid-19th century).

  • water polo

    konica minolta α-707si / helios 44 monocle-U / fomapan 200 / microphen 1+3 12.5 15-09-09-12-KG-009-www "многие здесь считают жизнь шуткой но это не наша судьба" © youtu.be/TYJN79ePvhI

  • Travel

    By Magot

  • JNR D51-2 Steam Locomotive

    Photo by Philipp, treatment by Berny
    By Berny

  • Mon Colorado Provençal

  • OIA.. (Santorini)

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