• Off I go.

  • The Lights Are On.

  • Fairy Kisses.

    Click in the upper left corner for better viewing.

  • Love Dreams.

    Click on image for better viewing. :-)

  • Sunrise


    SIEMPRE 2013 Session. Enjoy! :-) Click below to listen here. Free Download links. www.house-mixes.com/profile/dj-pinky-kal ena-reyna/play/siempre-2013-by-kalena-re yna mega.co.nz/#!eMtzUbpL!ekjrBxQW__f7bA1SNI 58TxeAeRQ48xferwU7BEVMyr8 soundcloud.com/d…

  • Dreaming Of You.

  • Photoshop Painting. It is all in photoshop. I have been drawing since a child. It took me about a week to do. Many hours a day. On my free days I mostly painted on it. I had to redo some parts many times to get them to look more correct. I noticed some t…

  • Dreaming... ....

  • Ascension

    Photo shop painting. Cover for my new session. You can hear it here on Ipernity. Click below and hope you enjoy. :-)

  • Love.

    To see better view on black.

  • Right Back (To You)~Kalena Reyna

    :) :) My first film. I hope you enjoy..... let me know what you think. CLICK ON FLASH FOR FASTER VIEWING!

  • Creek~HD.

    Pretty creek near my house. See on black for better viewing.

  • Creek Water Fall~HD

    Near my house. See on black for better viewing. See larger sizes for detail.

  • The Awakening.

    Digital painting/photoshop

  • Because

    Digital painting/Photoshop

  • In Dreams

    Cover for my session "In Dreams". You can listen to it below and on my site in the audios. Here is a link for you down load it. Enjoy!! :-) soundcloud.com/dj-pinky-kalena-reyna/in- dreamskalena-reyna

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