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    eternal. what's eternal? eternal is the tenderness that one day emerges and is given as a drink of infinite pleasure thus assigned as a raindrop comes back and buries itself into a pond: perishable cuddle /// ETERNO E PERECÍVEL eterno. o que é eterno…

  • Shed

    Happiness is a fence on Friday

  • Butterflies @ Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam



    Ce n´est pas une photo. J´ai dessiné cela avec ma tablette graphique This is not a photo. I drew it with my graphic tablet.

  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

    Another from Merritt Island NWR. I suspect this may be a juvenile tricolored heron based on the spots that are beginning to appear on his/her neck. Whatever the case, what fantastic colors this bird has. Note: Fizzie and Sonja have identified this as a Re…

  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

    Double crested cormorants sitting in the bush and coots in the background. As always, willing to be corrected on the bird ids.

  • Hold My Hand

    into my right the bright shadows the trailing thumb moonlit fingers shining soft grey palm ready as if to begin the Valses Melancoliques

  • One of my Beloved Bigognias...

    Evergreen and beautifully blossomed in autumn when few flowers are still at peak. Starting the new week with the divine Maria Callas voice is what I mostly need...wishing a brand new week to all of you too...!!

  • There comes rain

  • sinuosidade

    Stocksbridge in Brasil !

  • Lumiere d'assekrem..!

    Agréable semaine tres chaleureuse Very nice warm week

  • Niaj bonaj negroj

    CEZAR NIAJ BONAJ NEGROJ "Kara, kion tiu fi-negro krias tie?" "Karulo, nu, lasu lin en paco, li estas ja nia bona negro. Ni ja tute ne estas rasistoj, kaj ni ĝoju, ke ili faras la laboron por ni, alikaze ni ja mem devus levi la postaĵon kaj alporti manĝa…
    By Cezar

  • Albada

  • On the road.........

    Its good to have a light at the end of the road!!!!


  • Elementar colours

  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

    Taken from very near the same spot as my last post. I think this is an osprey but I am willing to be corrected as always. See inset for another view.


    Les hauteurs de VILLENEUVE

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