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  • Un peu de chaleur pour vous.

    A la palmeraie de Marrakech au Maroc . Voir PIP/See PIP.


    The last book tries to remember the last time someone read it, tries to remember if someone has ever read it at all. The last book isn't sure what it's about, because it can't open its own pages, the way you've never seen your own organs, and the last boo…

  • Holland State Park

    This is looking down the north pier from the walkway out to the north pier. Slight blurriness in the foreground is the ice shifting over the duration of the exposure.

  • TARA!!!

  • La gardienne... The guardian ...

  • England - Chester Cathedral

    Chester Cathedral is an ancient abbey and a remarkable building of international importance that has played a significant role in shaping the history of Chester. There have been churches on the site of the Chester Cathedral for some 1.400 years. After th…

  • Travel continues.

    Happy new week. I am back........ for some weeks:) HUGS **************************************** *** Nosy Tanikely is a small, uninhabited island and marine sanctuary located southwest of Nosy Be in Madagascar.

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  • Meditation - meditado

    Innerer Friede - Gelassenheit - interna paco - trankvileco - Innen findest du Seligkeit - interne vi trovas beatecon -

  • Sammelsurium

  • Exploration ...

    ....Je ne connais pas son nom ? .... papillon vu à Naturospace à Honfleur
    By Eve

  • I am the tiny one:)

    Wish you a most happy week. ************************************** Brookesia micra is a species of chameleon from the island of Nosy Hara in Antsiranana, Madagascar. It is the smallest known chameleon and among the smallest reptiles. In length, adult Broo…

  • Malgré la morosité/Despite the gloom ...

    J'ai bon espoir qu'ipernity ne fermera pas fin Février I'm hopeful that ipernity will not close late February ...!

  • Matin pollué / Polluted Morning

    L'on ne peut pas arrêter le progrès, mais la pollution, elle, grandit en même temps. .
    By Eve

  • Anémone du Japon - Japanese anemone

  • Greece - Crete, Matala

    Sunset at the beach of Matala. Matala once was the place of the flower power and the hippy-scene. Before 1970, when the flower-children and the hippies overrunned the quiet fishing village, Matala only existed of ten houses, one tavern, a beautiful bea…

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