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  • Greece - Heraklion, Agios Titos Church

    The church of Agios Titos (Saint Titus Church) is one of the most important monuments in Crete. It can be found on a lovely square in the city centre of Heraklion. The original church of Agios Titos on this location was built in the 10th century by the By…

  • Mistral

    Merci pour les visites ! Amitié et bisous à chacune et chacun******************

  • Mañana será otro día.

  • DSC09648-001

  • Azalia

  • Frog


  • Ruhe

  • Rose

  • Légèreté dans l' été

  • Carxofa emmarcada


  • 38/50 - color contrast

    ... The 50 Images-Project ... ---------------------------------------- --------- My best wishes to all contestants of the new challenge .... Win a club membership .... topic for July (2016/07): "Color Contrast" Good luck and always a good light !

  • Lotus/2

  • Couleurs naturelles

  • Deerfield Beach, FL

    Another lovely young lady willing to help with my photography at the International Fishing Pier. She was having a lot of fun goofing off so I asked her if I could take some pictures. She looked pretty awesome surrounded by all that wonderful golden light.

  • Madonna and Child of Liverpool

    an iPhone Italo-Byzantine masterpiece

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