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  • ... Comme deux gouttes d'eau...

    "On ne sait jamais où conduira le chemin, mais si l'on a des jambes, c'est pour s'y aventurer." cf. Gilles Legardinier - ça peut pas rater

  • The Cove

    ©Mitch Seaver - All Rights Reserved. See more at Mitch Seaver - Alaska Photographs

  • Las Palmas de G.C.

  • Feliz Navidad-Merry Christmas

    Feliz Navidad-Eguberri on.-Merry Christmas-Joyeux Noël-Καλά Χριστούγεννα-

  • waterfront, hobart, tasmania

  • If i stand on one leg

    can i have a biscuit

  • Antwerpen

    By Paŭl

  • Fences and Light

    I recommend Light Box Canapress Canapress (now Canadian Press Images) was the stock, assignment and commercial wing of Canadian Press, the news agency. Nikon F3, 24mm f2.8 lens...TRI-X @1600. Printed in Edwal Ultra Black. Agfa paper grade 5.

  • Going out with a big bang.....!!!

    O yeah, I look real tough but in real-time, I am scared as hell for those damn firecrackers...!! This will be the last picture I'll post here on Ipernity for this year. I would like to thank you all for following my work, and for your almost overwhelmin…

  • Turnagain Arm

    This was taken in Chugach State Park just off the Seward Highway after sunset. The LONG twilight hours in Alaska this time of year make for wonderful light. Legend has it that James Cook, on his search for the Northwest Passage, sailed up this bay looking…

  • Photo de Malik.

  • Bruma en el lago....

  • Sweden - Stockholm, Gamla Stan

    ‘Gamla Stan’ (Old Town) is Stockholm’s medieval city centre, where Stockholm was founded in the year of 1252 by Birger Jarl. It is the historical heart of Stockholm and consists of the three islands Stadsholmen’, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen. Helgean…

  • coming in to Anchorage this afternoon

  • En Parajd - Praid

    By Lenke

  • Nürnberg - Christkindlesmarkt

    Auf dem Rückweg von München nach Pirna besuchten wir den berühmten Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg. In der Mitte der Schöne Brunnen gehört als eine der Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt Nürnberg zur Historischen Meile Nürnbergs. Er befindet sich am Rande des H…

  • librokunveno

    Plurfoje en la jaro IEI organizas librokunvenon dum kiu interesaj Esperantolibroj estas priparolataj kaj pridiskutataj. Tiam oni ankaŭ povas konsulti kaj uzi la bibliotekon.

  • Mi insistas... unu pecon?

    Jen la pruvo, gxi vere verdas... kaj bongustegas.
    By Henjo

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