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  • Forest Fires

    LOVE is a fire we can see; it's a wound that destroys and kills; it's a belief that wins in spread; it's a never contentement with itself; it's to want to be free by choice; it's to serve who overcome, death. /// O AMOR é um fogo que se vê a arder; é fe…

  • Lazy autumn afternoon.

  • Flower bed yesterday renewed

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  • Feuille de vigne ... // Weinblatt...

    Ouai , ouais , ouais...une fois n'est pas coutume ! Ja, ja , ja doch... einmal ist kein mal ! :-)))

  • Le "chant" des possibles...

    ... quelques notes subtiles ouvrant le "champ" des possibles... Belle semaine à toutes et à tous

  • Purple Beauty ( on explore )

  • Smiles of a Summer day...in the Autumn

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  • Hornisgrinde

  • Denker

  • am Bach

  • Bon week end !

  • A "ginjinha" from Lisbon to salute the weekend! Cheers!

  • Sunset in Poros

  • Les petits saules ... The small willows ...

  • USA - Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park

    Petrified Forest National Park is well known for its abundant number of fossils, especially fallen trees that lived in the Late Triassic Period, about 225 million years ago. The park is home to some of the most impressive fossils ever found and more are b…

  • La croisée des chemins...

    “Le problème [...] ne consiste pas à se demander quel est le but ou le bout du chemin, mais seulement à découvrir la meilleure manière de marcher.” Nicolas Grimaldi.

  • jetzt hat sie einen Schirm

  • Threshold (16)

    At the threshold of light and silence my voice seated on a park bench waits for a body to put her vibrating a melody a monologue a lament strident nightfall over the streets of the city. /// No limiar da luz e do silêncio minha voz sentada no banco do j…

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