1 The Big Woof Begins

Back in August of 2006, when the IAU declared that Pluto was no longer officially a planet, it occurred to me to wonder what reaction the inhabitants of Pluto might have toward this event. It was then that I remembered an old and well-loved set of trading cards that were childhood favorites way back in the early 1960s......MARS ATTACKS! I had eagerly collected all 55 in the series (but my mom eventually threw them out, damn it!!!) See the originals reproduced here: http://goldenagecomicbookstories.blogsp…

2 Flesh-Burning Urine

FLESH BURNING URINE The ferocity of the Plutonians’ attack is overwhelming, as they unleash upon Earth’s hapless defenders one of the most horrifying weapons in their doghouse of terror......FLESH-BURNING URINE!!!

3 Tongue of Terror

TONGUE OF TERROR Beauty and the beast becomes a horrifying reality for one terrified Earth woman, as she encounters the TONGUE OF TERRROR!!!

4 Bad Boy!!!

BAD BOY! A single, fearless Earth solder launches a desperate, reckless lone assault upon the implacable invader, who was being a very bad boy........A VERY BAD BOY INDEED!!!

5 Destroying a Mailman

DESTROYING A MAILMAN One relentless Plutonian invader, patrolling a quiet suburban neighborhood, suddenly encounters his eternal, primordial enemy.......and mercilessly destroys him.

6 Revenge on Korea

REVENGE ON KOREA The invaders descend upon the realm of those who have, as a nation and as a people, committed the most egregious holocaust against the Plutonians. At long last, they extract REVENGE ON KOREA!!!

7 Capturing the President

CAPTURING THE PRESIDENT The so-called “Leader of the Free World” will be free no longer.......now it is HE who is in the doghouse!!!

8 A Few Pointers

A FEW POINTERS Where are those nasty humans? Where are they? Show me where they are!!! Where are they? THERE they are!!! Go get ‘em, boy.............go get ‘em!!!

9 Burning Cats

BURNING CATS There is a terrible howling and wailing in the night. What has occurred? Yes, it’s true.........another ancient enemy is destroyed by the relentless Plutonians. Will they stop at NOTHING?
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