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  • A deep scar in Deep Time

    View of the Laxford Shear zone. Foreground - granite intrusions cutting across gneiss in the Laxford shear zone.

  • Pegmatite or kinematic indicator?

    Large file upload. Compass for scale only. I did think this was a boudinaged pegmatite vein that now represents a kinematic indicator? Or even a Porphyroblast? I have no idea though. The nature of folds suggest a ductile rock at some temperature. The Le…

  • Garnets

    Large file upload. A much hammered outcrop on the north side of Camas nam Buth.

  • Ultramafic, Mafic and metasediments(?) exposure

    Large file upload. View down onto the floor of a geo, compass for scale only and resting on a garnet rich band. The strike NNE-SSW of the gneiss dipping moderate/ly to the WNW. View down dip. Exposure of Ultramafic, mafic rock and metasediments(?) in a…

  • Ultramafic and mafic gneiss exposure

    View down onto the floor and sidewall of a geo, compass for scale and roughly aligned on the long axis on the on the strike NNE-SSW of the gneiss dipping moderate/ly to the WNW. Exposure of Ultramafic rock in a narrow geo on the headland separating Cama…

  • Ultramafic rock exposure

    Compass for scale only Exposure of Ultramafic rock in the western wall of a narrow geo on the headland headland separating Camas nam Buith and Camas an Lochain, Scourie More.

  • Lower Traligill cave

    A view down a staircase of cascades and plunge pools to the Lower Traligill cave where in a prolonged drought the Traligill runs underground. Scottish Natural Heritage report on the cave system here ioned_reports…

  • Uamh an Uisge, Gleann Dubh

    Drag fold in the hanging wall at the aptly named Uamh an Uisge. Description of the caves by SNH and far better photos in this report ioned_reports/F02AC105.pdf

  • River Traligill

    Atmosphere courtesy of Storm Desmond, the rain was heavy and persistent. The rucksack needed emptying of water, a proper 'drookit' day.

  • Gleann Dubh

    An oblique view across Glean Dubh and an interesting area for the imbricate thrust stacks, klippes and karst scenery. Many of the thrusts are denoted by scarps, water courses, caves and vegetation change. The Traligill thrust demarcated by the river cours…

  • Dusk in the NW Highlands

    A leaden sky day in the NW Highlands eventually produced some colour at dusk and this view to the whaleback hills demarcating the Moine Thrust zone.

  • Dusk in the NW Highlands

  • Green Satin Lichen (Lobaria virens)

    The lichen rich habitat of Atlantic woodland or Celtic rainforest of Loch a' Mhuilinn National Nature Reserve.

  • Badcallian Gneiss

    Uncorrected view of the fold 'hinge' in the previous image from another perspective.

  • Badcallian Gneiss

    Image corrected in the field for 30-40 degree dip, rotate image anticlockwise for an oblique view of the gneissic banding and an oblique view of vertical exposure. Badacallian Gneiss with a prominent pale coloured layer c/w with an intrafoliation-banding…

  • Badcallian Gneiss exposure

    View of a vertical exposure of Badcallian Gneiss (corrected in the field for the dip ~25 degrees of the gneissic banding). Banded gabbro is cut by felsic material formed during a high grade (granulite facies) metamorphic event (Badcallian) Approx Ordnanc…

  • Gneiss light

    Loch Bad na Sgalag native pinewood regeneration, some effort has been put into this regeneration by the Gairloch estate in planting over one million trees.

  • Moine thrust belt

    Foreground is an imbricated thrust stack of Cambrian (and Ordovician?) sedimentary rock (quartzites) in the middle distance is Meall a'Ghuibhais a klippe of the Kinlochewe thrust sheet and is mostly Torridon sandstone overlying slices of Lewisian gneiss a…

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