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  • yellow flowers with rope

  • Date Due

    as opposed to Due Date

  • Who are these bugs and what do they want?

  • Details

    somewhat soft and somewhat wet

  • Ant Calvalcade

    Although you probably can’t see them very well, there are ants in this picture. (Sorry I don’t have a good macro lens—this is from a cell phone camera.) I observed a parade of them, tiny red ones, each carrying a small white packet in its mouth, scurryin…

  • Mushroom

    Overnight this baby appeared on our lawn. I suppose I should be thankful there are not ten thousand of them.

  • Church

    We saw a number of impressive churches in Milwaukee, but we were unable to get inside any of them. Maybe God was on vacation.

  • An Ambitious Shadow Approaches a Shy Crack

  • Toledo from the Railroad Bridge

  • River of Bark

  • Spring 2017

    Quite a few years ago I taught a class in photography. Not that I have any great expertise, but I did own a 35mm camera and I did have quite a few years of darkroom experience developing and printing my own pictures, both in black and white and color. And…

  • orchids


  • Mobile Bay

    Mobile Bay

  • Just something

    for the time being

  • Encountered

    But I don't know what it is.

  • Tea and Lebkuchen

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