Beebo Wallace

Beebo Wallace

Posted on 08/10/2007

Photo taken on May 21, 2006


the coast
big oak drive inn
big oak
don hazelwood
canon ef-s 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
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Big Oak Drive Inn & BBQ

Big Oak Drive Inn & BBQ
HWY 58 North
Salter Path, NC

So I went to the beach today.

The ocean is very for good for my soul. It is good for poison ivy too. I don’t know why, but it has to be the salt water! It is also great place to take your puppy to learn to swim. That first time for a dog in the water is soothing to the soul as well …

My puppy has never been in the water before and I wanted to get him in. Puppies are either going to take to the water or they’re not. Those who love the water are going to enjoy swimming, chasing birds through the surf, playing and splashing around in a swimming pool. Finding out if a puppy loves the water may take a little prodding, trickery and a slow gradual introduction to water. So today, I was prepared to prod, trick and introduce Gilligan to the water. The thing is I didn’t need to prod or trick, the little guy likes the water! He took right to it.

So Gilligan is an avid bird stalker and while on the beach he would stalk the Sand Pipers and Seagulls. When the birds would fly off into the surf, he would be right behind them. No trickery, no prodding necessary. However he wasn’t swimming, he wouldn’t get in deep enough to swim. So this is where I had to introduce him to swimming.

It always amazes me how puppies’ intuition takes over around water. Carrying Gilligan out into the surf he started to paddle. That simple thing is never going to stop amazing me. How a dog that has never had a swimming lesson, never learned from his parents, has never seen another dog swim; instinctually knows what to do. I’d carry him out past the ocean break and place him in the water and off he went, grinning from ear to ear.

I so wish I could of captured this!

So, about the photo, if you live in eastern NC close to the Crystal Coast, you know about Big Oak Drive Inn & BBQ. Big Oak is a classic on Bouge Banks. As I was pulling in I was thinking, who eats here? Do the tourists come here to eat or is it just the locals? As a tourist I know that I won’t eat at the corporate eateries, I’ve got to get the local flavor. I hope most travelers are like that. If you are going to capture local flavor, this is the place to get it. Big Oak is located in Salter Path, between Atlantic Beach to the north and Emerald Isle to the south on the island of Bouge Banks and well worth the 15 minute trip from either point to get to here.

If you make the trip, get the shrimpburger (slaw and hot sauce), fries and a Pepsi.

“Turn on the blinker and stop the car. This is the place for the best shrimpburger on the Crystal Coast and we aren't just whistlin' Dixie. While others serve a good shrimpburger, Big Oak serves a great one ...”
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