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Cumpleaños Feliz (remix) - Los Pitufos
Title:Cumpleaños Feliz (remix)
Artist:Los Pitufos
Album:Canciones Infantiles
Duration:3m 28s
Frequency:44100 KHz
Audio Bitrate192 kbps
Audio Layer3
Average Level6287
BandLos Pitufos
Channel ModeJoint Stereo
Comment(iTunNORM) 00000C87 00000BA1 00003F8D 00003D2B 0000EAA5 0000EA8E 00007C32 00007DE5 0000EAA5 0002BF20
Copyright FlagFalse
Intensity StereoOff
MPEG Audio Version1
MS StereoOff
Original MediaFalse
Peak Value32767