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  • Nantwich Food Festival.

    Healthy oat products from a local company sold from this lovely van.

  • Nantwich Food Festival.

    This picture makes me smile. I love the name of the business and the fact that the man in the shot appears to be so happy in the job he is doing and enthusiastic about his products.

  • Nantwich Food Festival. Salami.

    All different types of salami.

  • Nantwich Food Festival. Lots of gin.

    Gins of different flavours. An excellent company name, "The Tipsy Tart." No, it's not the way I took the picture, the bottles really are not upright.

  • Nantwich Food Festival. Something to keep the children happy.

    These balloons were amazing. I resisted the temptation to buy myself one.

  • Laurellene Sturtzer, Toulon, France.

    Chalk it Up, an international pavement art festival in Crewe, Cheshire.

  • By Jennifer Chaparro, USA.

    Chalk it Up, an international pavement art festival in Crewe, Cheshire.

  • By Carlos Alberto Garcia, Mexico.

    Chalk it Up, an international pavement art festival in Crewe, Cheshire.

  • St. Leonard's Church, Woore, Shropshire.

  • 160th Betley Show, Staffordshire.

    Originally an agricultural show, Betley Show offers a wide range of things to see and do. A variety of competitive classes attract entries for horticulture, agriculture, craft and cooking to name a few. Entertainment including such things as a horse show,…

  • Sheep dog herding ducks, Betley Show, Staffordshire.

  • Sheep dog successfully herding ducks into a pen, Betley Show, Staffordshire.

  • Novelty Cake winners, Betley Show, Staffordshire.

    One of many different classes for the cookery section.

  • 4 hen eggs, brown, Betley Show, Staffordshire.

    I don't know what makes these brown eggs any better than the rest of the entries! Obviously the expert judge does.

  • The gate at Beehive Cottage, Balterley, near Betley.

    The gate to one of the oldest houses in the district. The date 1622 appears on the porch but the basic building is probably much older than this.

  • Pot and shadow outside a cottage at Heighley Court, Betley.

    Heighley Court is a small development of houses built on the site of Ambrose's garage and petrol station.

  • Reading Room, Betley.

    The Reading Room, decorated to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday (June 2016.) Used today as a meeting place for the villagers. This building from the early 19th century has served a number of uses. It started life as a school. Then (see plaque) it becam…

  • Faro street scene, Algarve.

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