Dave B

Dave B

Posted on 07/09/2015

Photo taken on July  8, 2015

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Erinaceus europaeus
Nikon 18-105mm
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Nikon D7200

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Friendly hedgehogs

Friendly hedgehogs
To have a hedgehog ( Erinaceus europaeus ) visiting the garden is not necessarily usual, to have two visiting at once must be rather rarer but to have two getting, shall we say ... err ... friendly must be most unusual.

I usually put out some special hedgehog food about dusk and look out of the kitchen window before retiring myself about 11:30. Sometimes one is feeding or running round the garden but usually there is no sign at all. Last night, however, there were these two behaving most peculiarly. The smaller (I presume the female) was tight under a bedding plant whist the male was circling both the plant and the female. One of them was making a very strange noise - a sort of barking grunt (not unlike the scolding notes of an angry blackbird or magpie.) I took the camera out and fired off several flash shots without either of them bothering. I left them to enjoy their activity but some 20 minutes later I could still hear that noise. This time when I went out the female had moved out and the male was - well, he was !! Again I fired off several shots before going back in. When I looked out there was no sign of them but the noise was still there coming from under some bushes and they were out of sight. Some years back we saw two in the garden but that time the male was definitely pushing the female away from the food pile. There was no actual fighting as such just the physical push. In fact, we put out another pile so they could both eat. This time there was certainly no food struggle going on. Hedgehogs numbers, they say, are struggling so let's hope there are some little ones soon to keep things active round here at least