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Cloud approaching from the west

Moving a few yards away from that Greenway Cross, seen in my photostream a couple of shots back, you get this view over Cheshire looking north-westward. The lights of the southern end of Macclesfield appear at the right. The cliff-like hill at the left is Frodsham Hill and down below that round topped cloud is Liverpool. Wirral is below the flat topped one. It was the scene on Christmas Eve and it is the bad weather of Christmas Day approaching.


Cleulow tree silhouette

Just a tree silhouette and a sunset. They happen to be not all that far from Cleulow Cross, yet another mysterious, ancient, decorated pillar with no known purpose (but many theories.)


Full Moon mystics

An Ancient monolith, a "low" and a full Moon. Your imagination can flow when the Moon is full. The monolith is called the Greenway Cross but isn't a cross at all. In fact, no-one really knows what it is there for or for how many centuries it has gazed down on us. Mystery indeed. Someone, far in the past, has chiselled a cross on its surface perhaps as a safeguard against any ancient magic it may contain. Maybe this Cold Moon is speaking to it? The 'low' is Shutlingslow, the summit on the skyline. A…


Full Moon reflection

Christmas Eve and that glorious full Moon is reflecting on the waters of Teggs Nose Reservoir in the eastern Cheshire village of Langley near Macclesfield.

Christmas gifts

Beer and Book token - my kids have me sussed ;-) They asked what I wanted. Well, at my age I have what I need materialistically and what I want they couldn't afford (nor can I which is why I'm in want of them !!) Now to enjoy them. Hope you also enjoy the rest of the festive season ;-))

A Christmas Card 2015

My Best Wishes for you to have a happy and memorable Christmas 2015. Wherever you are on this small world of ours, may you all enjoy peace and goodwill.


Nab Hill to Manchester

The view I saw a few weeks back when I was on the top of Nab Hill in eastern Cheshire above Bollington. That is Greater Manchester in the distance. I always think it looks a long thin metropolis with a small number of higher buildings. Once billed as the Cotton Capital, its even had its very own port for ocean going ships yet it is some 30 miles inland from the nearest deep sea water. The answer was the Manchester Ship Canal and the port was, strictly speaking, not in Manchester but in adjacent Salford…


A Sailing Ship under Sail

The only time I have ever seen a sailing ship actually sailing and it was disappearing over the horizon against the light. This is the "Tenacious" a sailing Barque designed in 1996 specifically to help disabled people to experience working a sail ship rather than just travel on it. It was seen from Portland Bill leaving Weymouth Bay in September 2012. A Barque is a three masted sailing ship with the Fore and Main masts having square sails (going across) with the Mizen or Aftermast having fore and aft…


Can't stop ! Timetable to keep.

From the attitude of the waiting passengers, you can tell that this Voyager just ain't gonna stop! Macclesfield has a very good rail service with direct connections north to Manchester but southbound we can go directly to/from London, Birmingham, Reading, Southampton, Bournemouth, and even one train to Bristol. However there are several passing trains to and from Bristol, Exeter, Paignton, and even one from Cardiff (this one in fact.) This is Macclesfield's 5th station since the first in November 1845…
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