Lawrence Hayward's photos

  • stuck in traffic

    stuck in the Q behind a broken down coach, hard working MAN

  • Tommy French, Ayr dock

    Eight wheeler at

  • class 66 Ayr docks

    couldn't resist getting a closer shot of this.

  • Class 66, Ayr docks

    how about this for close parking? Ayr dock & Falkland yard is a busy place for coal and scrap trains.

  • Tommy French

    working hard on coal, coming out of Ayr docks

  • Keenan's of Ayr

    Ex-Johnsons (Henley-in-Arden)

  • To the Rescue !!

    to get to the coach the other Milligans driver crossed the reservation and drove up the wrong side of the carraigeway

  • B10m broken down in Ayr

    milligans B10m stuck in the outside lane on whittletts rd, Ayr

  • B10M brake down

    Milligans Volvo Premier failed in traffic, although the road is 2 lanes the inside lane is clogged with parked cars.

  • IMG 7862

    D & DH Volvo B10m @ Southampton delivering American students off to Europe.