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Mount Rainier

This was taken while hiking with brother Tim in the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National Park. We were on the trail between First Burroughs and Second Burroughs when the clouds began to move in, after first moving out and giving us fabulous views of the peak. First and Second Burroughs are different peaks on the ridge known as Burroughs Mountain, north of Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier

We were hiking with Tim in the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National park when this was taken. We were hiking the Burroughs trails and this was taken from First Burroughs with the trail to second Burroughs wandering across the open area on the right of the photo.

Mount Rainier

We interrupt this series to bring you...Mount Rainier. This is where we were today. My wife and I were hiking with brother Tim who has posted a similar, though better, picture elsewhere on Ipernity. We hiked in the Sunrise area of Rainier National Park along the Borroughs trails. The day was as good as we could have asked though windy and dusty and hot and the scenery and views of Mount Rainier were spectacular. Taken from the northeast, this would be the north face of the mountain.

Mount Rainier

And lest she feel left out, here is one of my wife's pictures of Rainier. It's not that different but with better composition than mine, IMO. So, if you're interested you can compare ours with Tim's who hiked with us and who has also posted a similar shot. She and I were traveling back from eastern Washington and Tim will be working this week in the area, so we decided to meet at Rainier for the day. We were early and were stopped at an overlook, both of us perched on a wall, when Tim came driving throu…

Emmons Glacier from Second Burroughs

When Tim, my wife (shown in the photo) and I hiked the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier last August, this is where we had our lunch. Emmons Glacier on the Northeast shoulder of Rainier looks very close but is still a long way off. We had hiked the First and Second Burroughs trails and would hike part of the Third Burroughs trail as well each brining us closer to Rainier itself and each with its spectacular views of Rainier.

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Emmons Glacier

This was taken while hiking with Tim last summer near Mount Rainier. We were hiking the First and Second Burroughs trails and this was the view to the south. Emmons Glacier is one of twenty-seven major glaciers on Rainier and flows to the northeast.

Mount Rainier from Sourdough Ridge

On a return trip from eastern Washington my wife and I met my brother, Tim, at Mount Rainier and spent the day hiking with him. Both for the company and for the scenery it was one of the best days ever for hiking. When we arrived in the Sunrise area of Rainier the mountain was pretty well covered with clouds, but it was beginning to clear and it cleared completely and stayed clear the whole time we were hiking with the clouds moving in again as we left. It was the first time we'd been to this part of the…

Mount Rainier

Not much of Mount Rainier can actually be seen in this photo. Most of it is hidden in the clouds and the peak in the foreground is Goat Island Mountain with the White River valley below. The photo was taken from Highway 410 and was our first view of Rainier the day we hiked there with brother Tim. The peak did clear as we hiked and we had much better views than this.

Blewett Pass

Blewett Pass is on the east slopes of the Cascades and a favorite place or ours for wildflowers and native orchids, including the Lady's Slippers I posted previously. In the photo, the flowers in the foreground are Showy Penstemon, Penstemon speciosus, with Bitterbush, Purshia tridentata, the plant with the pale yellow flowers behind them. The view is south over the foothills of the Cascades.
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