Racehorse Falls

Racehorse Falls is in the foothills of the North Cascades, not very far from where we live. It is named for the horse-head shaped opening to the left of the falls, not visible here. We were there in March with a friend who had not seen the falls before and due to an abundance of rain there was more water coming over the falls than I've ever seen. It is quite an adventure getting to the base of the falls when the water is high, though somewhat easier on the other side of the creek. Racehorse Creek is a t…

Padden Ridge

Taken along one of the trails at along Padden Ridge in Lake Padden Park. The trees are mostly Western Red Cedar with an understory of Sea Grape, Huckleberry, Elderberry, Vine Maple, Sword Fern and other plants.

Racehorse Falls

Racehorse Falls is named for the outline of a horse's head that appears to the left of the falls in this photo. The falls are on Racehorse Creek not far from where the creek empties into the North Fork Nooksack River. The falls drop 139 feet in four cascades and at the base of this part of the falls there is a large pool. My wife and I were there this summer with Edward's girlfriend and another family friend and after crossing the creek and climbing up to the pool the three girls decided to go swimming (…

View from Oyster Dome

The photo was taken from Oyster Dome in the Chuckanut Mountains and looks to the southwest over Padilla Bay, Samish Island and Hat Island, the refinery on Fidalgo Island, the town of Anacortes (also on Fidalgo Island) to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the background.

San Juan Sunset

This was taken just a couple of hours ago from Oyster Dome in the Chuckanut Mountains and looks out over Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Son Edward, another friend and I are planning on climbing Mount Baker in a couple of weeks and decided to do the Oyster Dome trail this evening as part of our conditioning for the climb. We ended up going with a group that included my wife and number of other friends and did the seven mile round trip in a bit under four hours. We started at 6:00 and had to come d…

Racehorse Creek

This and the next picture are the last two I'm posting from Slide Mountain and Racehorse Creek. I liked the tones and the light on the water and thought it worth posting for those reasons.

View from Slide Mountain

The morning we went fossil hunting it looked to be a good day, but the clouds came in and the sunshine disappeared though we were spared any rain, a real blessing on the clayey slopes of Slide Mountain. This view looks north over the valley to the mountains of the Canadian Coastal Range.

Racehorse Creek

This is Racehorse Creek below the falls shown in the inset picture. This area was heavily overgrown until 2009 when a flash flood caused by a landslide scoured out the area and deposited a lot of fallen timber and boulders in the area.

Racehorse Falls

Here's another shot of Racehorse Falls, a falls on Racehorse Creek, one of the tributaries of the North Fork Nooksack River in Whatcom County, Washington. There is not much of a trail to the falls but they are not far off the North Fork Road and with a bit of scrambling can be reached rather easily, less so when the water is higher. This photo show again the hole in the rock next to the falls from which the falls gets its name. The falls are about 100 feet tall.
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