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Eastern Washington

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Palouse River

This is the Palouse River above Palouse Falls where it makes a sharp ninety degree bend around a granite monolith known as the Mohawk. The photo was taken on a recent visit when the river was running very high. I am posting this photo because both access to my photos and internet time are limited by my being in hospital for what appears to be appendicitis.


Palouse Falls

This is Palouse Falls, designated the official waterfall of Washington State, whatever that means. The falls are the main feature of Palouse Falls State Park and are found on the Palouse River in the area of southeastern Washington known as the Palouse. The falls drop 198 feet (60 meters) in an even deeper canyon. We were there on February 17 after navigating a very muddy and slippery road into the park and not only saw the falls but hiked the cliffs above the falls and the upper canyon where another set…

A Winter Drive through the Palouse

This is what a winter drive through the northern part of the Palouse is like - not very exciting and not much to see.

Palouse Farm

As one travels north through the Palouse, an area of rolling hills and wheat farms, the land levels out into vast plains where the farms are isolated and miles apart. This photo was taken in that area.

Abandoned Truck

This old truck was photographed along the road in the area known as the Palouse, an area of wheat farms and rolling hills. We would have liked to have gotten closer but the area was marked "No Trespassing."

Palouse Wheat Fields

Another shot from the Palouse taken while driving back north after finding Palouse Falls State Park closed.

Palouse Sunrise

Abandoned House

As in many other place, the older and smaller farms of the Palouse have been swallowed up by much large operations and the buildings from which the farms were once operated stand abandoned and deteriorating.

The Palouse

The Palouse is an area of hills and farmland in southeastern Washington, western Idaho and northeastern Oregon. It is primarily used for growing wheat and this is what the wheat country looks like in winter.
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