Bush Lupine

I had this identified as the Spur Lupine, Lupinus arbustus. The only other possibility I could come up with was a hybrid of the Yellow Bush Lupine, a nonnative in Washington. Fizzie, however, has identified it as a color variety of Bush Lupine. These were photographed near the beach below Fort Worden near Port Townsend, Washington.

Grass Widow

Olsynium douglasii or Sisyrinchium douglasii is one of our earliest spring wildflowers. It seems to like dry rocky areas and this was photographed in just such a place, on Pass Island near Deception Pass.


Farewell-to-Spring is the name of the flower, not my goodbye to a season now long past. The botanical name for the flower is Clarkia amoena or Godetia amoena, and it was photographed last spring at Dog Mountain near the Columbia River. The bee or wasp is unknown to me, though I wouldn't mind having an ID.

Broadleaf Stonecrop

I believe this is the Broadleaf Stonecrop, Sedum spathulifolum. It was photographed near the Columbia River at the Catherine Creek Natural Area, a wonderful place for spring wildflowers.

Sagebrush Violet

Reecer Creek Canyon near Ellensburg, Washington, is one of our favorite places for spring wildflowers. These Sagebrush Violets were photographed there several years ago. We found them there by the thousands. These is another photo in the inset.

Resting a Moment

Taken in eastern Washington in the area of Blewett Pass. The wildflower is probably the Harsh Paintbrush. I don't know what plant the seed is from.

Common Camas

Common Camas is well named since it is one of most common wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest. We have seen fields and prairies covered with thousands of them in bloom. They were also an important food source for native Americans who dug and ate the bulbs. These were photographed in eastern Washington, but they grow west of the mountains as well.

Harvest Brodiaea

This is a spring wildflower, Brodiaea coronaria, the Harvest Brodiaea, photographed in the Columbia River gorge at Catherine Creek.

California Poppy

This is another older shot, taken at Catherine Creek near the Columbia River gorge on a beautiful spring morning. It's a flower of a California Poppy almost ready to open.
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