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towers in the sea

an evening at Pointe du Raz - Phare de la Vieille in the foreground, Grand Phare de l'ile de Sein in the middle and Ar Men to the right in the background.


rotten green


Phare d'Eckmühl

The Phare d'Eckmühl, also known as Point Penmarc'h Light or Saint-Pierre Light, is a lighthouse in Brittany. At a height of 65 m it is one of the tallest in the world. The lighthouse was dedicated to the memory of general Louis Nicolas Davout, who was "Prince d'Eckmühl", a title he won after the Battle of Eckmühl. The tower was inaugurated on October 23, 1897. See PiP for color!


Eckmühl winding

flowing thoughts

An was soll mich das nur erinnern?

Unbedingt auf das Bild klicken um es auf schwarz anzusehen!

Brüssel 22.3.2016

hinter dem Nebel ..

behind the fog .. today was a grey day - the fog wrapped all grey in grey - but I remembered this foto I took - taken "drive-by" on my daily commute - there is sun behind - Have a great weekend everybody ! heute war ein grauer Tag - der Nebel hüllte alles grau in grau - ich erinnerte mich an ein Foto, das ich auf dem Weg in die Firma aufnahm - hinter dem Nebel ist Sonne - ich wünsche Euch ein schönes Wochenende ! We are all travellers ...
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