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  • Fency Ornaments

  • Peace, please

    (fence in the b/g ...)

  • Wine Country Fence

    I'm a sucker for green. Click for larger/sharper version.

  • Fence. Clouds. Turquoise.

  • Groovy

    HFF ... hope to be able to be more active here in a few months. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. :-)

  • Rusty & Spidey

  • Weathered and Fenced

    see previous

  • Footsteps

    large/on black/hit "z" - pls

  • Cloud Porn

    HFF ... there's a F in there somewhere. Better on black, of course.

  • Fences in a Green Country I

  • Nearly Nailed It

    still busy but managed to shoot this in our backyard this morning