• shine a light

    Shine a Light, Leverkusen (2009)

  • shine a light

    Shine a Light, Leverkusen (2009)

  • mind the mint

    Mint coloured houses in Berlin-Schoeneberg

  • Bierpinsel

    The Bierpinsel (beer-brush) is a 1970ies style restaurant in Berlin Steglitz.

  • hochhinaus

    rising high

  • westhafen

    westhafen station, berlin

  • tracks

  • runde blaue formen

    circular blue forms

  • highrise

    Gropiusstadt, Neukoelln, Berlin

  • Stein-Bock

    Der Klinker-Widder (1926-28) in der Rudolstaedter Str, Berlin-Wilmersdorf Guessed in the Guess Where Berlin Group by faltanleitung.

  • eckhaus

    What is home? What does it mean? Is it the city where I was born? Is it the city where I grew up? Is it the city where I live? Is it the people I live with? Is it my family? Sometimes I ask myself these questions. Sometimes when I follow the streets I go…

  • tower

    spitze im bau top in construction the post-tower in bonn (2002)

  • duesseldorf

    the river front of duesseldorf, germany.

  • planespotting

    planespotting at tegel airport, berlin

  • Moschee

    Moschee, Berlin-Neukoelln

  • biergarten

    biergarten. sometimes my technique to manipulate colors an contrasts produces something mad, wired - as it happens hier. OMG, i thought that's not what i wantet to let it look. That's not right. But nevertheless i liked it a bit - but not as a picture…

  • berlin

    Schlot (U-Bahn-Entlueftung)

  • berlin

    Truemmerberg, Berlin-Charlottenburg

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