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AS00632 04eddison pre1910

AS00632 01eddison post1910

AS00630 02eddison post1910

AS00629 01eddison post1910

AS00628 02eddison post1910

AS00628 01eddison post1910

07 Apr 2021
Elizabeth Bessy Eddison 1843 or 4 to 1917 our Grandmother

AS00639 02eddison post1910

AS00638 01eddison post1910

AS00637 02eddison post1910

AS00635 01eddison post1910

AS00634 02eddison post1910

AS00633 02eddison post1910

AS00627 01eddison pre1910

06 Apr 2021
Nothing written

AS00626 01eddison pre1910

06 Apr 2021 1
On the back it just says 6668.9 and 1975

AS00622 04eddison pre1910

AS00622 01eddison pre1910

AS00621 01eddison pre1910

06 Apr 2021
On the back it says "No idea who this is?"

AS00620 03eddison pre1910

06 Apr 2021
It says with love and best wishes Rachel Bimbo and Pippin, Rachel was mother's Goddaughter

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