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LARMO - Radical Report

Instants Tannés..., valserine, Maria Zarębska have particularly liked this photo

Could you put the text ?
i'm lost in translation, héhé
6 years ago.
Dear Valserine,
the text of that song is a kind of summary of Dr.Luis Markos lecture about J. Derrida's Deconstruction. For the purpose of matching audio editing, the whole lecture was cut. For this reason, the text remains hermetic...Ultimately, it is a compromise for those who know and understand topic of this lecture...There is a lot of mental (or meaning) shortcuts - unacceptable in the scientific discourse - without consequences used in this track - but it's only "rock & roll song" ;)
Unfortunately, I do not have a text version of this lecture ... it also is not available in audio version (which i had)..

I found only this (Professor Louis Markos lectures on 'Structuralism, Saussure and Levi-Strauss'...):

This lecture applies to, structuralism (and as such it is a good introduction to deconstruction). You can just read Derrida's (actually Lévi-Strauss, de Saussure, Deleuze and others as well) in his native language, therefore, surely you can handle the rest :)

6 years ago.