Senor Equis' photos

  • shon gables 29T0000-0304Ca0223

    Here on CBS but late 2009 was on PIX NYC.

  • qvc Gabrielle 03T0001-1311Ca0223

  • Ilia Calderon 23T0000-0700Ca0154

  • linsey davis 57t0003-0421ca0142

  • Karen Hepp 07t0000-3515Ca2009-01-13-0613

  • tracie strahan201002150800 19T0001-5700Ca

    Very professional serious reporter yet has a good sense of humor add to that very luvly.

  • christina park 05T0000-1813Ca0245

  • Norah O'Donell 27T0000-0115Cajenna carries REC


  • Amy Robach 05T0000-4600Ca0242

  • jill nicolini 01t0015-3113Ca2008-03-10-0829

  • Dari Alexander 01t0005-0817ca2009-02-19-0459

  • Jenna Wolfe 01T0001-5324Ca2009-03-26-0033

  • lisa murphy 03T0000-1615Ca0104

  • andy adler 01t0001-3023Ca2008-03-10-0829

  • vinita nair 00t0005-57252008-sum-fall32

  • dr sapna parikh md 23T0003-4611Ca 0216

    Here for her beauty yet if one needs reports on the latest medical breakthrough to on the horizon medical ideas and have it reported from all angles Dr. Parikh is your medical reporter.

  • dr sapna parikh md 23T0003-4919Ca 0216

  • reischea canidate 17T0007-0512Ca0224

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