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  • Wiered red sun

    This image was taken at Mid-day. No filters where needed to take the image. The redness is caused by a mixture of dust sucked up from North Africa and smoke sucked up from wild fires in Portugal. Together with storm Ophelia, it created an eerie sky.

  • iron pyrite

    An iron nodule that has been split. Found on Mere Downs in Wiltshire, England.

  • copralite

    Fossilised dinosaur poo from the Jurassic period. Found near Lyme Regis, England, an area known as the Jurassic coast and famous for it's fossils.

  • lava

    A pumice nodule from Mount Etna. Given to me when I was a little boy. It did smell like an used firework, but the smell has faded now.

  • Finding Nemo.

  • Creepy.

    There is something creepy about these two.

  • Ho Down.

  • What do you mean ' I cannot drive' Put your toe down!!

    Nothing worse than a nagging back seat driver.

  • Nice wheels

    Farmers get into the carnival fun.

  • Little Miss cake.

    Who doe's not like cake.

  • taxi

    Checker cab, Unknown model, or age. Image taken in Shaftesbury, England. Cab drivers are infamous for taking the round about route, but this one is 2000 miles off course.

  • mustang

    Fastback 5.0 GT Coupe. Muscle car of no practical use whatsoever, but looks pretty.

  • Kindness

    My 3 year old Great Nephew meets a chick.

  • Rose by any other name

    I bought this rose for my mothers birthday a few years ago and it flowers all through the Summer. A good buy I think.

  • colour

    The bright orange of the nasturtium flowers and the contrast of the round, green leaves are wonderful at this time of year. The whole plant is edible. It has a strong pepper taste, wonderful in salads.

  • tortoishell

    Not seen as often as it was when I was a kid, but still a beauty.

  • Gonepteryx

    The Brimstone butterfly. In English it is thought that the word 'butter'fly comes from this guy because of it's colour.

  • Beautiful blue

    Common blue butterfly Polyommatus icarus. As the name suggests, this is the most common blue butterfly found in Britain. It is a sub-species of it's European cousins.

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