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  • Halloween

    Have a ghoulish evining.

  • Sunset

  • Fire in the sky

    There have been some glorious sunsets lately. I hope this is not a bad omen.

  • Well this is exciting...Not!!

    Nothing more boring than waiting for ages, for the parade to start, the clown has gone to sleep.

  • I got a new balloon.

  • Fire engine

    A Woo Wah! As my 4 year old nephew calls it.

  • Moor Critchel lake

    The sun is setting and the trees stand in contrast.

  • woodland path at holwell MMXI

    English woodland in the late Spring has a verdant magic that is hard to define. It feels safe and welcoming.

  • The face

    I see a face, slightly sinister, but not totally evil. It can see me, but has no interest in the short lives of humans.

  • A Wiltshire view

    Looking North towards Salisbury plain from the quiet village of Sutton Manderville.

  • Common lizard. Zootoca vivipara

    Very hard to get close to these little guys, I took this on a cool morning and she is sunbathing, trying to warm up, also this lady is ready to give birth, her fat body is the give away, these lizards give birth to live young, tiny little babies, about 4m…

  • A Blast from the past.

  • Juguar E-Type 6 Lt

  • Buttons, switch's and dials.

    I have always been a sucker for lots of switch's and dials.

  • Bedford camper

  • MG Roadster and Volvo

  • Now you are in trouble

    Corfe castle in the background. Kids will be kids. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corfe_Castle

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