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  • July2016 240 Rosa 'Ena Harkness'

    Explore. Page 2. In solidarity with the French people and sympathy for family of those affected. I've been recovering from a lot of wasp stings. We had a nest in our shed and one flew out from a hole slam into my neck and down my clothing in the front sti…

  • Poppies in the Sun

    The flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. The Egyptians included poppies at funerals and in burial tombs. The Greeks used poppies in the shrines of Demeter, goddess of fertility, and Diana, god…

  • Sit Among the Tulips

  • #20 Goldrain

    Das Bild passt zwar nicht zur Jahreszeit aber zum Monatsthema. Das Scheinwerferlicht meines Autos gab dem Regen die goldene Struktur. Die Bearbeitung ist optimiert für schwarzen Hintergrund.
    By Leo W

  • Sommerabend in Regensburg

    Biergartenwetter :))
    By Leo W

  • DSCN2251 ROMA Il pellegrinaggio

    Pellegrinaggio a Roma_Naturalmente al Colosseo !

  • Molise Pietrabbondante-P1150609

    Italia_Luci nella notte presso Pietabbondante, in Molise nella roccia viva delle "MORGE"

  • Sonnenaufgang am See

  • Spiel mit dem Sonnenlicht !

  • 20070928 0178c

    View across Oulujoki river

  • 20151016 4818c

    From Nuuksio national park in Espoo, Finland. Free to access and always open

  • 20070927 0069c

    View across Oulujoki river

  • 20130406 0411c

    I preferred the tone of the buds more than the already plumed sakura flowers (taken in Tokyo, 2013)

  • 20080830 9999 169c

    Elfaba exploring a glass bowl

  • Ulica Rabiańska, Toruń, Polska

  • The Polish-German border at Usedom

    My bike. Here I had a long discussion with an American couple and a Slovenian about Brexit. The Slovenian was very worried about all kinds of things that would happen with Brexit. I explained that those things he was worried about disappeared with the fal…

  • Most Józefa Piłsudskiego, Toruń, Polska

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