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  • A Trondheim classic (2xPiP)

    The wooden storehouses on Nidelven seen from Gamle Bybru Die alten Speicherhäuser am Nidelven von der Gamle Bybru aus gesehen

  • Red sky at morning, sailors' warning

    A very colourful sunrise near Harstad. The old saying came true, the clouds crept in and the wind freshened up. Morgenrot schlecht Wetter droht- das stimmte in diesem Fall. Nach dem sehr farbigen Morgenrot zog es sich zu und ein stürmischer Wind kam auf.

  • Havøysund (2xPiP)

    A very colourful sunrise at Havøysund. Warm low pressure led to ice rain by afternoon, virtually every surface was covered with 1-2 cm of clear ice.

  • Nidaros Cathedral (PiP)

    Eine der bedeutendsten Kirchen Norwegens: One of Norway's most important churches:

  • Mdina, Città Notabile

    In the medieaval streets of Mdina, former capital of Malta. In den mitteralterlichen Strassen von Mdina, der früheren Hauptstadt Maltas.

  • Good Friday Procession (PiP)

    Holy Week is a big event in Catholic Malta. Every church has their own statues that are displayed during Holy Week and carried in processions on Good Friday, accompanied by brass bands playing funeral marches. The main photos were taken in Rabat (Victori…

  • Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

  • Blaue Stunde Steinwerder (PiP)

    Landungsbrücken, Michel, Rickmer Rickmers von Steinwerder, Im PiP die Fortsetzung mit Cap San Diego bis Elphi.

  • Stadthafen Waren (Müritz)

    für die Frontpage-Gruppe

  • Canterbury Cathedral: choir (5xPiP)

    The choir at Canterbury Cathedral with the tomb of Archbishop Henry Chichele on the left and Trinity Chapel (up the flight of stairs) in the background. 1st PiP: Trinity Chapel with the tomb of King Henry IV. ws/a…

  • Hever Castle (4xPiP)

    Hever Castle was originally built in the 13th century by the Boleyns and was converted into a Tudor manor house in 1462. In 1539 it came into the possession of Henry VIII after the beheading of Anne Boleyn and her father's death. In the early 20th centur…

  • Sissinghurst (4xPiP)

    Sissinghurst again, Vita's tower seen from the orchard. In the PiPs: the moat, the famous white garden, the nuttery and poppies in the cottage garden stle-garden Sissinghurst, Vítas Turm von der Obstwiese aus ges…

  • Fog in the Channel

    I won't be around much for the next few days, will try to catch up later!

  • Bubbly (PiP)

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Air bubbles Rotkäppchen Rosé sieht mit Lampe von der Seite beleuchtet eher golden aus. Im PiP mit 15 Sekunden Belichtungszeit, da war kaum noch etwas scharf, weil die Blasen zu schnell waren;-)

  • Canterbury Cathedral: stained glass (4xPiP)

    Canterbury Cathedral has some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Britain. - The so called Miracle windows in the Trinity chapel (main photo and 1st note) originally date from the early 13th century and depict healing miracles at the tomb of S…

  • Gloucester Cathedral: Cloisters (3xPiP)

    The cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral are famous for having the oldest fan vaulting in England, begun in the mid 14th century and finished before 1412. In recent times several scenes in the Harry Potter movies were filmed there. www.gloucestercathedral…

  • Evening on Lake Müritz

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