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  • green toad

    By Georg

  • Rencontre inattendue aujourd'hui

    Merci Hatchi pour m'avoir aidé à identifier cet amphibien! Apparemment c'est bien un Triton Alpestre!

  • Anémones pulsatiles

  • DSC 1762

  • le calme et la douceur du couchant

  • IMG 9595Goutte bleue

  • IMG 0902 Encastrées

  • IMG 0284 Mon beau miroir

  • "Tu vas voir de quel bois je me chauffe ...

    By Rose

  • secouage de Butor

  • Farmstead, Spring

    On black. Letter "z"

  • Le temps des moissons dans le Vexin normand...

  • Le temps des moissons dans le Vexin normand...

  • Stretching

    With so many water splash shots in my archive, I thought it was time to upload another one! I quite like how the film of water is stretched between the ring of water drops here! I'm currently working on some articles explaining how I get these shots! Le…

  • Spinning Plate

    It's a while since I uploaded a water splash, so here's one of my favourites from a session I had over a year ago! I'm still working on my description of how I achieve these water splashes, but I never seem to get any closer to finishing it! Hopefully I…

  • Pear Drop

    The number of shapes you seem to get when trying to make water drops collide is quite amazing! This attempted collision literally went all pear shaped! :) 
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  • L'ours et le corbeau

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