• Flower fields

  • Lighthouse of 'Urk'

    ..melting ice inflated by the wind

  • Ice landscape

  • Overview 'Durgerdam'

    Taken from the "Lighthouse Island". To see from the island is Durgerdam Overview frozen IJmeer. The Lighthouse Island, also known as fort near Durgerdam, is a piece of land less than two football fields big with a small lighthouse in the IJmeer.

  • Fox area in the 'AWD'

    ' AWD / Amsterdamse WaterleidingDuinen ' this waterinfiltration dune area is decorated for the abstraction of drinking water for the city of Amsterdam; fifty million cubic metres of drinking water annually flows through this 3400 acre area. It's a very va…

  • Dutch misty scenery

    "Zaanse Schans"

  • "Zaanse Schans"

    Sunrise winter view

  • Monnickendam

    Frozen canal view

  • Durgerdam

    Lovely houses, "Durgerdammerdijk"

  • "Zaanse Schans"

    Mill park "Koog aan de Zaan"

  • "Kinderdijk"

    Mill area, winter scenery & ice fun

  • "Kinderdijk"

    Mill area> "Alblasserdam" The mills drain the excess water from the Alblasserwaard polders - which are situated below sea-level - after which the water is sluiced into the river Lek (the Rijn).

  • Iceskating & Icesailing

    Ice fun...Gouwzee

  • Winter impression


  • Enkhuizen

    View on the Zuiderzee museum ~ a historic open air village