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  • Historic replica Nao Victoria

    Nao Victoria was a Spanish carrack and the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the world.

  • Tall ship Bark Europa / Sail 2015

    Since 1994 the Dutch three-masted bark ‘Europa’ (1911) travels the oceans around the world with a professional crew of 14 and a maximum compliment of 48 voyage crew-members of all ages and nationalities.

  • Eye to eye

    Heron portrait

  • Love and peace..

  • Fox in winter scenery

  • Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

    Wildlife ~ AWD

  • Fox family

    Moment of rest * in large see the 2 NOTES ABOVE * Mother and young [behind] the same fox as in the previous picture Family meeting ~ Vixen with her two youngs born 2012 see note

  • Red fox

    * 2 NOTES ABOVE * wildlife young fox

  • In the spotlight..

  • Fox area in the 'AWD'

    ' AWD / Amsterdamse WaterleidingDuinen ' this waterinfiltration dune area is decorated for the abstraction of drinking water for the city of Amsterdam; fifty million cubic metres of drinking water annually flows through this 3400 acre area. It's a very va…

  • Fish fight

  • 'Shangwe'

    Cute young chimpanzee ~ Artis Zoo. Born on 3 July 2012 - the baby chimpanzee is a male and has been named Shangwe, which is Swahili for happy.

  • Safe and warm..

    Hungry!!! Stork with young

  • Spoonbill nest

  • Dinner time

    Pelican.. on black

  • 'Struzzi' Teatro Pavana

    Street theatre / Deventer op stelten 2013

  • CHEERS.. 'kaeskoppen'

    * 2 NOTES ABOVE * 'Kaeskoppenstad' is a street festival that the glorious period of Alkmaar history brings to life again in the time of the 16th century.

  • Kaeskop

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