Posted on 01/31/2015

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Buffy and Bo - 1982.

Buffy and Bo - 1982.
Buffy, the Cairn Terrier on the left, was my then partner's dog.

Bo, the American Cocker Spaniel on the right was my baby.

I adored these two, they were great company for each other. They both slept with me nightly.

During an unfortunate split-up over my partners complete absence of morals, he secretly gave both animals away when I was at work - and I never saw either again.

(I had discovered through friends, that he had been entertaining the neighbourhood while I worked.)

(Rick had previously lost his position as manager at the Toronto Humane Society, as the animal activists took over the board), so he had to exist for three years without income, (to prove pain and suffering from loss of office), so guess who was taken to the cleaners again......

Once I discovered this tragedy, he was given two hours, to gather what he could and leave my home.

I next saw him, three years later, in his coffin and his mother said she knew what he did and apologised for his actions, but I said nothing.

For years and years whenever is saw a Cairn Terrier, or a blonde American cocker....my heart would leap then weep.

This was one of the most challenging stage of my life.

Steve B
Steve B
That's pretty sorry !!! Especially giving away the babies. He ended up with what he deserved. I've been in your position, somewhat, before and can SO relate. However, the dogs stayed home.
2 years ago.