callisto wedge sandals

cute feet

callisto wedge sandals

calllisto wedge sandals (F)

red toes in a callisto wedge sandals

MILF feet in liz claiborne sandals

linea paolo slides (F)

callisto heels (F)

22 Mar 2007 3 1 2732
this is my cousin's small feet. I like the color of her sandals and toe nails. She was posing for the photographer. He took a picture of her face while I looked a littler lower LOL

MILF toes in claiborne slides

19 Sep 2007 1 2725
I really like her red toe nail polish

milf rough heel

heels (F)

10 Jan 2009 3 1 4019
My cousin's feet.. Looks like she needs some attention down here.

red toe nails in linea paolo slides (F)

red toes in wedge heels

red toes (F)

red toes (F)

02 Jul 2010 1 1 3190
long pants and red toes

red toes (F)

red toes

red toes

29 Jan 2005 1 571
cousin's toes

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