nine west slingback heels (F)

spike heels

shot at the bus stop size 6.5 (F)

shot at the bus stop size 6.5 (F)

caressa black high heels

14 Nov 2009 1326
always liked classic black caressa high heels

sz 7 red caressa (F)

sz 7 zelcer (F)

sz 7 pink caressa (F)

sz 7 black caressa (F)

DSC01911 (F)

gold (F)

04 May 2008 5 1384
I thought this was a real cool view from the back.

chinese laundry heels (F)

nine west (F)

nine west slingback heels (F)

23 Nov 2008 4 1346
close up of her heels, I really like the details of the sling and her heels

ann taylor sz 7 (F)

walking heels (F)

05 Apr 2010 5 1 1586
the soles says size 6

heels and bow (F)

walking (F)

sz 7 caressa aster (F)

garolini sandals (F)

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