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  • Kleinstadt am Abend

    Lens Type: NO-LENS sagen die EXIF Daten / Verwendet wurde das CV 17,7 /0.95

  • pilz3

  • sailor

  • cold as ice

    Perito Moreno glacier - Argentina 2000 scanned slide, Minolta X700
    By Berny

  • Cubans like to dance

    Escuela Nacional de Ballet de Cuba - La Habana We were very happy, that it was possible to make a short visit to this famous school in such an amazing building. The Cuban National Ballet School in Havana, with approximately 3000 students is the biggest ba…
    By Berny

  • the end of the world

  • Flower Trail

  • sunflowers in the sunset

  • Mein Hut ....

    .... wird mir gerne mal entwendet ....

  • Nacktwanderer :-)

    Rote Wegschnecke de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rote_Wegschnecke

  • valentine's card ( walentynka )

  • upside down ....

    Und dann Goethe und die Fliege -war auch ein Aufsatzthema -das heißt, eigentlich nur Goethe,aber ich habe die Fliege mit verarbeitet.Eh, war Goethe ein größeres Wunder als eine kleine Fliege? Das ist hier die Frage -und das ist übrigens auch Shakespeare.…

  • up 0n white

    1981 - Breithorn (Minox, scanned slide)
    By Berny

  • Sweden - Östergötland, poppies

    During our visit in Sweden we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of wild flowers all over the country. These are poppies nearby Alvastra kloster - www.ipernity.com/doc/294067/40917200 - in Östergötland County.

  • Germany - Bolsterlang

    View from the trail from Hörnerbahn mountain station to Berghaus Schwaben into the Valley of the River Iller nearby Oberstdorf.

  • England - Chester Cathedral

    Chester Cathedral is an ancient abbey and a remarkable building of international importance that has played a significant role in shaping the history of Chester. There have been churches on the site of the Chester Cathedral for some 1.400 years. After th…

  • got the blues

  • Sundown in Bayreuth

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