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  • Kamelhalsfliege

    leider unscharf...

  • Wespen-Schwebfliege

  • frisch geschlüpft...

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    mediathek.daserste.de/Kontraste/Massenha ftes-Artensterben-durch-Insektiz/Video?b castId=431796&documentId=44397400

  • Feldhasen

  • Rüsselkäfer

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  • Kaisermantel

  • grüne Flussjungfer


  • Kaisermantel

  • kleiner Feuerfalter

  • kleiner Feuerfalter

  • Malzeit...


  • Gemeine Sichelschrecke

  • Fast Delivery

    Delivery truck used in the attack on the Presidential Palace, Havana by the Directorio Revolucionario in 1957.
    By Berny

  • La Habana

    Another pano from the roof of Hotel Saratoga. To the left "Sagrado Córazon de Jesús" (1914), then the famous Freemason building of the "Gran Logia de la Isla de Cuba", right from the centre the beautiful and tall "Telephone Company Building" (1927) and to…
    By Berny

  • orange cats love orange cars

    I think the cat's home is a Chevrolet Fleetline Fidelity 1950, but not sure.
    By Berny

  • The Streets of La Habana - Regla

    All what you need for a typical cuban street scene, baseball kids, red mama, street dog, van without wheels, a Ford Consul from the 50's and a colorful lady crossing ;-)
    By Berny

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