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Poppies Field

Blua paruo

Explore - 7.02.2017 p. 2

Alvenis februaro, la monato de negxoštormoj. La sauxno.

Malnova sauxno forte eltenas la štormojn.

Che sia nero...


[5373] En la ĝardeno libelo min atendis unu matenon (Jorge Camacho)


The Twin oaks.

.........wish you a bright sunny beautiful week.

Golden cascade.

...........wish you a most wonderful coming weekend. Thanks:) HAPPY THANKSGIVING celebration.


The reign of king Laurin.

Wish you a wonderful weekend! ********************************************************** The Rosengarten is a massif in the Dolomites of northern Italy. During sunset, it can glow red from the dolomite mineral. The legend behind Rosengarten is known to be of the dwarf King Laurin, a princess, and a curse that destroyed his most prized rose garden at the entrance to his fortress in the rock. [www.thefairytaletraveler.com/2013/09/03/the-legend-of-dwarf-king-laurin-and-the -rosegarten-moena-italy[]

For you E.

Cum laude! Bravissima. ***************************** wish you all my friends a wonderful weekend. Thank you Roger for the pp.
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