• Mi Pueblo Carniceria

    Little grocery store series. Also a taqueria. Yes!

  • Dickey's

    Little Grocery Store series. Always very busy, in the middle of a crowded neighborhod and across from an elementary school.

  • Shasta Market

    Little grocery store series. Note the availability of live organ music! Sadly, the organ disappeared a few weeks after I got this photo. ; ) Also, it's open 7 DAYS A WEE. This is possibly the record for number of cables in front of one of my "little gr…

  • Frontier Market

    Little grocery store series. This store suffered a robbery last year. When the police got there, the robber shot at a police officer and ran. The police found him at about 1 a.m. in the same neighborhood hiding in someone's yard. The robber fired again a…

  • Rick's Smoke Shop

    Little grocery store series. Smokes, beer and whatever snacks you need before the football game. Takes the record for number of signs in my "little grocery store" series.

  • Minnie's Munchie Mart

    Little grocery store series. Now closed. I love the color scheme and hand-stenciled sign.

  • Mac's Store

    Little grocery store series. When we lived in California, my son would spend a few weeks in Oregon in the summer with my parents, who lived about 3 miles from Mac's. It's way out in the country, but on a busy highway. Beginning about age 9 he would ride…

  • '56 Chevy, Portland St. Market

  • Pastega's Market, abandoned

    The Pastega family owned this store for three generations, but it closed in 1998.

  • Olene Store, abandoned

  • Abandoned Olene Store

  • Out of stock

    The Pastega family owned this store for three generations, but it closed when the last one willing to operate it died.

  • Bookseller

    Florence, Italy. AA221 Enjoyment.

  • The disembodied legs

  • Shopping

  • Claudio's, Sydney

    One of many retail outlets attached to the wholesale Sydney Fish Market.

  • Gift shop, Kyoto

  • Martin's Food Center

    Merrill, Oregon, USA.

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