• Why Walk

    The great American question! This is no longer Can Am Motors and probably hasn't been in 20 years. It's now the car lot of a pawn shop, so if you see anything you like... I've had my eye on that cute 1950 Plymouth for a long time. www.ipernity.com/doc/1…

  • Where bees get their cocktails

    This sign has been painted over since I took this photo two years ago. Darn!

  • Ranger Station

  • Deluxe Office

  • Don't do it

    Ipernity Frontpage and What's Hot.

  • Pastega's Market, vacant

    This store was founded in 1923 and operated by the Pastega family, originally from northern Italy, until it was closed in 1998. It was a popular store because it was open until late at night and on Sundays, something unusual in the early years of the smal…

  • A special note

    Analog ATM machine.

  • Fruehauf

  • Safety

  • Dad's language book, late 1960s

  • My father's book, early 1970s

    Just for fun, I looked up Eva Keuls. She is a scholar of ancient Greek topics, now aged 94. Her most notable book is The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens, 1st published 1985, Univ California Press. It is still in print. She has writ…

  • Itoh

    I ate Shabu-Shabu here. How to do it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaXQDMk2fIE It's a lot of work and makes for a sweltering experience. (Japan is hot and humid in the first place, then add a pot of boiling liquid on your table...) But, the result is delicious…

  • It's

    That's what I think this is supposed to spell, anyway.

  • Tokyo: Lady with purse

    Search a little bit and you'll see her. : ) Check my "Away!" folder for more photos of Tokyo and Kyoto.

  • Former creamery, now a brewery

  • Wong's, since the 1930s

    Most of the neon has been burned out for YEARS. Too bad, it was a great little sign at night.

  • Former grocery, now a warehouse

  • Cherries on a chair

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