• Indian Mission Methodist Church

  • Gift shop, Kyoto

  • Just a restaurant

  • I contemplate buying a bunny

  • My grandson contemplates buying worms

    AA240 Unusual signs.

  • They run this town

  • I should have taken one

  • Medical clinic, USA

    In some areas, such as mine, people actually have to be told this.

  • Information

    "Weyco" is Weyerhaeuser [Lumber] Company, an enormous mill that employed hundreds of people in Klamath Falls. The timber industry had a gradual decline beginning in the late '60s and the mill cut down on operations beginning sometime in the '70s. It close…

  • McCormick-Deering tractor

    On display at the county fairgrounds, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA.

  • Holland's Dairy

    Founded in 1966. The US and Israeli flags flying here are puzzling to me. This is a certified organic operation and they do sell milk to Kosher manufacturers, but the Israeli flag isn't the Kosher logo. One day I will visit the dairy again and ask about…

  • Lost River Grange

    Abandoned. Olene, Orego, USA.

  • Muffler King

    Potato truck at the muffler shop. Crowquiller says it's a Model 4700 International.

  • Show us your rack...

  • SHOP

    Abandoned building.

  • Mufflers

  • Night Crew can't spell

    Back of abandoned K-Mart, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

  • Effective advertising

    At the auto repair shop. Grants Pass, Oregon. AA240 Unusual signs.

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