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17 Apr 2015 3 3 364
This little guy had just finished romping around and acting adorable. He finally stopped long enough for me to get a picture of him. AA312 Choice.

Cow greeting

17 Apr 2015 3 15 557
AA312 Choice

Potato cellar

01 Jan 2011 2 319
Southeastern Oregon is potato-growing territory. Our claim to!

Color farm

Black and white farm

Cat tails

Another walk

Spring I

11 Apr 2015 5 8 279
Blossoms of maple? Willow? I don't know. UPDATE 1/27/2019: Pam's comment inspired me to search again. It's most probably the male blossom cluster of box elder maple (Acer negundo) . AA312 Choice

Spring II

11 Apr 2015 3 13 294
Blossoms of maple? Willow? Elm? I don't know, even after a Google Image search. Update: Found it! Box elder, a type of maple.

Through trees

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