Moonie sees


Sea lion platforms

21 Oct 2017 1 6 201
PiP. Floating and sunning in their big waterbeds. It's a miracle. I got a half-decent zoom-shot in a strong gale with a hand-held camera (as always). By half-decent, I mean you can tell what this is. AA235 Floating

Duck is depressed

15 Oct 2017 2 6 180
My daughter-in-law sent me this from her cell phone, so not a great shot. It's my grandson's dog, Duck, sitting beside my son. Duck is very depressed because his boy is spending the night at my house. He won't even look at anyone else in his family. Poor old Duck, he does this whenever his boy is gone! ;-(

Matching hair

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande...

13 Oct 2017 3 2 331
Granddaughter with her favorite horse, Jessie.

"Here I am."

22 Oct 2017 3 9 383
AA256 Rules... I have no idea, Peggy!

Jessie and Moonie

14 Oct 2017 3 5 249
Rescued mares my granddaughter helps take care of on a friend's farm. They have been trained as therapy horses for kids with disabilities.

Curvy girl

13 Oct 2017 3 2 211
Moonie has many, many moons.

Equine polka dots

Moonie sees

13 Oct 2017 9 9 239
AA229 Textures

"Need some lip balm, please."

Pup in a truck

13 Oct 2017 6 12 381
In Hiouchi, a village in the California redwoods.


01 Jun 2019 7 13 281
AA260 Wild animals in the yard.

Cathead spider

10 Sep 2017 9 22 451
Araneus gemmoides . It has now made its 3rd web after I ran into the first two. This time it is located higher under the eaves! AA260 Wild animals in the yard.

Still excited about the eclipse

22 Aug 2017 4 2 162
Time for the glasses!

Eclipse dog

21 Aug 2017 4 4 201
This was about the time the sun was at maximum eclipse for Klamath Falls, Oregon: 97% at 10:18 a.m. The sky was still fairly pale thanks to smoke, so we were not even able to see Sirius. No, I did not get a photo worth calling "the eclipse."

Four feet, one hand

Opal's shadow obsession

21 Aug 2017 6 3 239
Eclipse day! Moon is about 1/3 across by this point. Dim light, but not dramatic.

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